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  • chillpillory chillpillory May 19, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    whys is the PPS so low?

    Are people waiting for a secondary to happen? Why is this PPS static? Should this be surging up to BPAX levels (before the fall of BPAX) ? Isn't Brem a blockbuster drug?

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    • Chillpill, I know you know this but it is worth emphasizing:
      Brem isn't a blockbuster drug unless it gets FDA approval.
      Medically it seems to me like 1.75 mg is likely to merit FDA approval but there will be political pressure exerted both from right wing conservatives against a female aphrodisiac and from generally liberal psychotherapists who fear it will diminish the role of psychotherapy for female sexual problems.
      Unfortunately, Plan B has proven the FDA is very sensitive to political pressures.

    • Be careful when looking at numbers... The Outstanding shares of 39M does not include the warrants in the money (some 66 million shares) The company calculated its loss using the, weighted average number of common shares outstanding of 106,424,443. So the stock has a cash per share in the low twenties, is effectively shut down till phase 3 activities occur. So does the PPS really appear low?

    • Good question. The stock has been under performing because some fear a dilutive stock offering..If the company enters into a partnership, no new capital will need to be raised anytime soon.

      Yes, BMT will be a blockbuster drug.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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