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  • caffeine444444 caffeine444444 May 2, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    wecome new investors

    Just got back from a weeks cruise.I have been following the price action and am very happy with the large increase in volume. I have always said that price will follow volume. I am sure there are alot of new investors that would like to get some real good insight in IMOS. My suggestion would be look up posts from (not in any order) Marnis123, Dbackerfan,Moneywalker, Silkdepot,peacemind007,Misterbob,roddimenton,oort cloud and Lorgardn. If I missed anyone then I am sorry and please let meknow. This group of investors has seen IMOS go from $4-$8 and then down to 18 cents. Just to answer one post that wants to know about free cash flow. Plug in $520 in revenues that should be about GAPP break even and add back $210 million in depreciation $20 llion in interest payments and $33 million in Spansion receivables totals $263 million in EBITDA. Dedeuct $20 million in interest payments and CAPX of $75 million and we should have $168 million in Free Cash Flow.This does not include the final settlment from Spansion which I beleive will be about $75 million. The other question was dilution. Currently their are 83 million shares out standing. The convertible bond holders other then Thailin hold $25 million @ a coversion price of $1.50 which means that they will get 17 million new shares. Thailin holds $20 million of CB's @ conversion price@ an average of $1.35 which would create another 15 million shares. Thailin currently holds 7 million shares which it aquired in the open market and also collected as collateral from PROMOS. IMOS owns about 42% of Thailin so the total shares of Thailin will only be about 13 million shares in total. If you add 83 million current plus the 30 million new shares you get a total of 113 million shares. SPIL will also receive about 15% of Chipmos Taiwan( factory) profits which is about 93% of the total profit of IMOS. So the best way to try and calculate the total outstanding shares I would add 13 million shares to the total of 113 million or 126 million shares for per share calculations.

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