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  • caffeine444444 caffeine444444 Mar 2, 2012 7:26 AM Flag

    LCD Driver IC business on fire bodes well for Chipmos

    Chipmos is the second largest company in the LCD Driver Space in the world.

    TSMC seeing orders fill sub-40nm capacity
    Cage Chao, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Friday 2 March 2012]
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has enjoyed strong demand for sub-40nm node technologies tightening capacity for the advanced processes, according to industry sources. The foundry has also seen rising orders for some of its mature processes used to produce mainly analog and LCD driver ICs.

    Wireless-communications chip vendors have fully booked up TSMC's capacity for sub-40nm processes, the sources observed. Capacity is expected to remain tight throughout the first quarter of 2012, the sources said.

    In addition, TSMC has recently landed brisk orders for voice and audio ICs from local and overseas fabless firms, which are already in a race to secure the foundry's 6- and 8-inch capacity, sources at Taiwan's designers indicated.

    In fact, TSMC's 6-inch fab dedicated to process analog and LCD driver ICs has been running at full capacity since late February, with shipment delivery times to customers being extended to more than 12 weeks, the sources pointed out.

    LCD driver IC suppliers are also anticipated to start pulling in orders later in the first quarter, which will further tighten TSMC's capacity for mature processes, the sources said.

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    • Quote by jpasc1234:
      "Hey Marnis. I'm not really interested in message board brawls anymore. Infernal/James Leighton was a strange fella. I was very young and took things very personal back then. 4 years in southern california kinda mellowed me out."

      LOL, funniest statement I've read all week. Buffy, I think you need to relax a bit and stop accusing Caff or misleading us. I think you are still very young and taking things too personally. I can understand you are quite upset if you bought in at pre-split $7 and either sold out low, or held and are now stuck at pre-split $2.75. I did the same thing myself, and if it weren't for some dumb luck that I stupidly bought in for another ~$20k down at pre-split 18-35 cents, I'd probably be as mad as you are. But it's really not Caff's fault as we should all be doing our own due diligence. I agree with others here you need to be looking forward at what IMOS will do in the future. The past is over, and while you should learn from it, no sense dwelling over it too much as unfortunately we can't take back those bad trades we made in 2006/2007/2008 when we bought IMOS.

    • What would I have done differently. How about not throw half a billion in cap-ex without insured contracts on each of the 4 customers you spent that money on. You realize they used insane debt/leverage on the hopes that 4 big customers would always stay big customers.

      Thats the past so lets talk about the present.

      How about when the worm turned and they started to throw off FCF to buyback 25% of the company right off the bat. 10 million on 300 million yeah thanks guys for taking 3% off the float. Did the 3% even come off the float or did it go to bonus whore themselves out?

      How about promote themselves a tad to some of the funds/i banks that do have enough juice to give it a proper multiple. Seeking Alpha is worthless. David Pasquale is worthless. yeah I talked to him once he seemed like he knew less then me about the company he represents.

      How about restructure the mess they call their corporate structure. With Spil owning some thalin owning us owning thalin. Does the criminal still own any or is he gone yet?

    • Marnis i'm not blaming anyone. For him to come on and say I have sour grapes and I"m a basher is way off base. Ask him about the 3 companies he took public that went broke. He isn't who you think he is.

    • Buffy- We are all responsible for our investment decisions. Caff has posted what he believed to be facts and where the stock was going based on his honest predictions. We all know that 'sure things' do not exist. Something can always go wrong. Great recessions, war, earthquakes, asteriods,fraud, who knows? You pays your money and takes your chances. I suspect that Caff went dark in the darkest days because he was busy cleaning his yatches and houses himself. But that is no concern of mine. I listen to posters based on my analysis of their veracity and intelligence. I think Caffeine has proved to the thread [and me] that he has both.

    • Buffy- not many people foresaw the Great recession nor that IMOS two major customers going BK. I mean many,many stocks got hammered like IMOS. I have not sold a share of IMOS and even with this great run and buying more I am not ahead any great amount. But the point is, that is in the past, now what should I do? Should I ignore the great opporunity that IMOS has presented the last 2 years? Not me. I still think I will do extremely well with this stock. Best of luck in the future....Marnis

    • Hey Marnis. I'm not really interested in message board brawls anymore. Infernal/James Leighton was a strange fella. I was very young and took things very personal back then. 4 years in southern california kinda mellowed me out. I still own this stock and I hope it hits 30 or so over the next year or so. So when the new guys call me out as a basher they really don't understand that once I was a cheerleader along with their fearless leader CAFF. I"m fine with CAFF and his endless cheerleading but the fact was he went very dark in the darkest of days. I'm sure the guy has done very well for himself cause I know he has a few yachts in florida and a big old house in boca. Not everyone had the ability to fire all the way down though and to be honest I don't very much like being called a basher cause I didn't have another 250k to pump into this thing. Remember he was calling for 25 at 6 which would be 100 today. It is what it is though and I enjoy reading his work. Anyway my name is Justin and i'm glad everyone is doing well .

    • HI Bob..remember when we were buying those land based nat. gas drillers. You liked GW and Pten better but I was a PDC man and yes I held that stock for 3 years and just about doubled my money. At one point I controlled a half percent of that company..LOL..

      I don't post under buffy anymore mostly for personal reasons. Buffett started to tell everyone how the rich should pay more in taxes as he made billions a year in long term capital gains. Well my family owns a small business around 25 employees before the great recession we had 40. I feel like the 40-45% we pay to uncle sam on every dollar in profit we make is more then enough. Then when we needed funding in 2007-2009 we were told we weren't bankable after 30 years of paying our 40-45%. Yet the filth on wall st who caused the problems were given billions to recap. My small business continues to earn our way out of the great depression. No bailouts for us.
      I'm basically sick of this administration and warren B. They don't give a rats a@$ about the middle class or small business. Its good to see you still around though and I have been lurking the whole time. I wish you the best of luck Bob.

    • Buffy- why not post under your old moniker?.....We welcome you back as you were an asset to the thread in the old days [ loved your interactions with Infernal].

    • Japsc1234

    • Hey, which poster is Buffy? I originally bought IMOS because of his posting years ago. I stayed with IMOS through everything, and bought it all the way to the bottom. My average cost is now zip, and I'm enjoying the ride up enormously. I'd like to hear from Buffy how he did over the years because I owned many of the same stocks. At that time he was posting as Buffetsdisciple. What's his screen name now?

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