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  • blueboxvalue blueboxvalue Jul 26, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    Strong Buy

    FYI - Based on technicals, IMOS is rated as a Strong Buy today.

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    • Dave- I do have some on IGNORE, but others who should be on I do not for various reasons [humor,wanting to feel superior,etc]. In Buffy's case he has been around a long time and I am just trying to help out a fellow shareholder.

    • Marnis,
      Just a suggestion but why don't you use your ignore button? Seems like you could save yourself a little time and it doesn't "feed the beast" so to speak.

    • jpsac1234 and more- aka Buffet's Disiple aka Buffy- If you are honest you see that Foggy has it about right, ie, mocking you for your stupid posts. I suggest that you either become the old Buffy or sell [if you really have any posey here]and stop posting nonsense. Your posts are only read for its humorous content because as we all know you have not stated one logical conclusion regarding IMOS, not one relevant thought in years. Given the high quality of this thread and the inanity of your posts I can only assume that there is a better than even chance that you have assumed the identity of these fly by night goofy bashers.. Again- get help before too late. I say this as a caring individual.

    • Your question: who gets the cash? I do!
      How or why do you invest? This is why I do. Buy at 8,9,10,12 It goes up and down and then it finally moves up to say 26,28,30,36 who knows what level but what will you do when it does? Me I will sell some for say 26-30 maybe half,do you see what happens,I get some cash and now own the remaining at 0. Then what do I do? Hold for a higher return,wait for a buy out at 32-36, maybe business does well enough to carry it high enough to get a split of 2/1 and then even higher who knows its why I invest.Maybe I sell all for 30 and get the cash. So whats your plan? I think even a 5th grader can understand this. So I ask you, how stupid can you really be and why wast your time with stupid remarks?

    • Buffy- up about 80% this year- again- I real disappointment agreed, but the year is not over........and stop being a bitter, angry old fuddy-duddy with your iriotocy [not a misspelling].

    • Maybe it goes to Chen and Cheng.

    • Didn't they just approve a dividend recently?

    • Who gets the CASH?

      I haven't seen any returned to me

    • The normal amount of CAPX is about 15% of revenue to maintain equipment and buy new equipment to grow revenues in the high single digits. The only reason for the spending spree was to buy eqipment for a 5 year contract for Spansion back in 2006-2007. I know they have learned a hard lesson from that experience and will not ever do that again. This is a cash cow now and will be into the foreseeable future.

    • Hope so. I guess the two most important dates now are August 13th-ish, when they report July revenues, and August 17th, when they report the 2nd qtr earnings (although not sure why they wouldn't just combine the two). Hopefully they'll take some good questions that will leave us with some more clarity of their intentions going forward.

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