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  • sardonicwanker sardonicwanker Nov 25, 2012 8:01 PM Flag

    ChipMos Margin Question

    Caffeine, don't respond to me, put me on ignore, good for you.

    To suggest that they are not buying back shares because it would require a distribution from Taiwan, that would lower the book value of Taiwan, and hurt valuation is the absolute dumbest of the many rationalization you have posted over the years. There are 3 large shareholders out of 10s of thousands of funds, and probably one of them sold on earnings. You and your cronies are all so arrogant to thinks that you know something the market doesn't. Why does the stock go down every time management speaks or visits institutions? Because they are not credible. A company at 3x free cash flow buys back stock. Not $10 million, $50 million. They bought $10 million, and sold $25 million. Keep pumping Caff and friends.

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    • That you think next year's EPS will be $1 makes all your other assertions completely idiotic.

      That said:

      1. Stock not on institutions radar screens for many reasons previously discussed at length.
      2. Stock is up 100% ytd
      3. Management conservative regarding cap structure post '08/'09 pain, but even longs agree that buyback 100% makes sense.
      4. Share sale was for Taiwan listing. Insiders who were selling are very smart and informed, if they thought IMOS had issues, they would be dumping all, not some.

      Please short, will be fun to see you get pummeled.

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      • Dave, I will get back to you but I think the majority seller in the main listing will be IMOS so the proceeds will go to Chipmos Bermuda. I also think at that time IMOS will buy back the 4.5 million shares from Thailin at the market value which would be an offset to IMOS as that would create a lower share count for IMOS when the conversion is done

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      • Thanks Caff.

        By the way, I was on the Reuters site and 15 analysts cover Chipbond which sports a 3.7% dividend yield. Their net margin is much better than SPIL's and is their long-term growth rate, yet the stock trades at a discount to the industry and market. So maybe size matters. My point is perhaps I shouldn't be too quick too assume a discount for ChipMos. I see $20 as a solid floor for the eventual IPO/merger based on conservative forward projections and the upside is anybody's guess. So much we don't know yet like the conversion rate at the time of the primary listing but if us shareholders are treated fairly this could get exciting.

    • I have been saying this for the last year..put me on ignore too you POS

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