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  • swindonhines swindonhines Nov 22, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    Chipmos Survey

    Happy Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for, but the more I think about Chipmos, the more fed up I am. I actually think SK and SJ were much better than usual, and tried to be clear - and the press release was better too. But I still think they don't get it.

    I'd love to get everyone's opinion on the following survey:

    1) What would the impact be if the company announced a new buyback? Rate 1-10, 1 is no impact, 10 is huge impact.

    2) Do you think the company will announce a new buyback in a) 0-6 months, b) 6 months+, c) never/extremely far in future?

    3) Do you trust management? a) no, b) yes, c) not sure

    4) Do you think management "gets" it? a) no, b) yes, c) not sure

    5) Would a buyback improve your view of management? a) no, b) yes

    6) Do you think the company has a PR problem? Rate 1-10, 1 is no problem, 10 is huge problem

    7) Where does the stock trade in 6 months?

    My answers follow:
    1 - 10
    2 - c
    3 - c
    4 - a
    5 - b (very much, but I don't expect anything good from them anymore)
    6 - 9
    7 - $12-$13 - still 20%-30% upside, so, much better than the bank. If management shocks me, then could be $15+

    Still, I now have a buy instead of strong buy.

    Let's get some participation.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Should management be trusted? Does management want the stock to drop further so they could do a buyback at a lower price? Or maybe they can issue stock options at low prices.
      There is resistance at $11, but support at $9.50. The next move will likely be determined by the market. Apple has moved higher, so that is a good sign.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Swine;
      No crystal ball here but I believe that with this many #$%$ off shareholders we will have a buyback soon.Bought 500 more Dec 15 calls at .10 Tuesday. Like a moth to the flame.Good luck to the long's.Cheers.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to sean777007
      • "many #$%$ off shareholders"

        I think that's it. Don't know if it's going to happen as quickly as some here hope, but it's going to take sustained pressure on these guys to make it happen. Have to understand these guys psychologically to figure out the when's. Unfortunately they think they are right in their actions, From the call:

        "Secondly, we announced on November 16th that our Board of Director declared a cash dividend of $0.14. This represents the company’s first dividend and further demonstrates that we are in line with our shareholder as a investor friendly company."

        Kind of a "let them eat cake" dividend frankly and really doesn't demonstrate anything. Keep the heat on... they'll have to come around.

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