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  • sardonicwanker sardonicwanker Dec 4, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    Almost convinced

    I'm thinking, maybe I should go long.

    After all, there have been some pretty persuasive arguments.

    I've been called a nut job, a she-male, an idiot, James Leighton (the famous chemist?) and more. The only thing I haven't been called is the "N" word - nymphomaniac.

    I listed 10 facts, including that the core cash gross margin is declining, and no one had an intelligent rebuttal. But, I forgot, they are facts, and can't be rebutted.

    All of your many reasons for loving this incredible cheap stock, with the uncooperative management are well known by the market, yet the stock is still $10. It's $10. That is embarrassing. SK and SJ should be super embarrassed. And that there is no buyback is a JOKE.

    And you guys name call...that's very persuasive. Must have learned your techniques from SK and SJ.

    The data from Taiwan looks good, and I think Thailin will be okay. November might not be as bad as I thought. Maybe I'll cover and go long. But am only short 25000 shares, and shares have no volume today. Don't want to push the stock higher.

    Does anyone honestly expect a buyback? Please let me know. I think it is something I will never see, but if that's incorrect, I am willing to change. I am reasonable, even if you are all not.

    Sentiment: Hold

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