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  • philcantone1 philcantone1 Dec 5, 2012 9:35 AM Flag

    ready to pop , $30 soon , blah blah blah

    Keep pumping this trash

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    • Imos can't get it up. It has a limp member. Pathetic!

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    • You know it. Love the way the shysters here spout about it going to $30 as it falls from $19 to the $8-to -$11 range.

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      • 1 Reply to silmarilion123
      • yup , I could copy and paste about 20 different posts over the last 6-8 months from caff stating its going to $20 or $30 ...the guy knows nothing , just likes to act like he does. Even cramer about 6 months ago basically said imos was garbage yet caff in all his arrogance claimed cramer didnt know what he was talking about but he did ....pretty funny stuff. I really dont feel sorry for anybody who loses money on this crap off of listening to what caff says. The guy has been consistently wrong for the 6-8 months Ive been following the stock and the board. If anybody doubts thats the truth I would be happy to copy and paste......except they would have some excuse anyway. proof doesnt matter with these idiots only their agenda.

    • Again I just bought two tablets and am looking for a laptop and three cell phones for Christmas and I am just one person out of billions. I like $25 here by end 2013, the fundamentals are there

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    • my advice to you is short it and get rich........if its that simple......or shut up.....

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    • log- It's amazing but I have not yet put Phil on IGNORE. My Board looks so much cleaner with the #$%$ and Sim [or it it Sil] on IGNORE. I will keep Phil for the time being for comic relief. Anyway I can not cut and paste on the new Yahoo. Sometimes I cannot post. Other times posts disappear. Or reappear. If I put IMOS in Get Message Board For[ on top of this page] I sometimes get the Yahoo stock thread. How can one thing be so screwed up for so long?..Somebody come along and start a new web site for stock discussions. Good business op.

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      • 1 Reply to marnis123
      • UNREAL- somehow yahoo substituted #$%$ for what I actually posted. I posted, and let's see if it gets changed again, #$%$ [whom I have put on IGNORE].....somehow the thread has lost some percent [ maybe 15%] of its efficiency by its lack of technological competence. I hope we can regain our reputation as one of Yahoo stock Board's best. Afterall, a newbie could come here [at least in the past] and quickly figure out who are the Allstars, read their posts, and in an hour or two be up to speed. Now I am not so sure.

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