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  • sean777007 sean777007 Dec 7, 2012 7:17 PM Flag

    Good new's,bad new's

    Thought the board should know a couple of thing's.First is that Mosel/Grand Haven does have about 1.9 million shares left. Second, although they are no longer under " affiliated " status Taiwanes officials have let Chipos know they should NOT attempt to buy those shares directly or will hamper listing process. Unfortunate but true.Good new's.They are printing money and patience will be rewarded.Needless to say a All I want for x-mas is a BUYBACK !!! Marnis, thank you.Having " shooter " on ignore make's life much smoother.Cheers.

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    • I think the ESM listing will trigger the upside. In emerging markets investors are hungry for stock of established companies like IMOS. You now have a peer company Chilpbond to compare. Like someone mentioned, investors will find ways to gobble shares once its listed in ESM.
      I won't be surprised if a private investor or a company in similar upstream/ downstream business might out rightly buy it due to its cheap valuation.

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    • Explain what you mean by the statement that imos is printing money. Do you just mean that they now have net postitive earnings per share instead of a loss?

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    • Sean, not to disagree with you, but a lot of this board is wanting to see a buy back but a buy back may not be what is needed at this point. Yes it would prop up the stock price for a short time but in the longer term if may have a different out come. Some companies buy back their shares when their stock starts to slide to try and show share holder value only to heart themselves later,not all but a lot of times we see this. They are printing money and moving in a direction which I think will be a better upside in a few months compared to doing a buyback now. If, however they did a buy back big enough to prop up the price and it didn't hamper the plans going forward I would be agreeable to such. This is a very conservative management team and has made great progress over a short period of time. I for one am looking forward to the next couple of Q's. I have only about 100k setting on the side lines left to put in Imos , if for some reason we do pull back under 10 I will set the rest in motion and buy in increments of 5000 on every 10% drop and if I run out then I will start margin buys
      until I margin out and that would take a lot. That's where I stand.

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    • That's good to know Sean.

      Although part of me is concerned about Mosel, at the same time, it would be stupid of them to sell at this point. Not only is the price quite low now, but they could easily wait a number of months and just get bought out as dissident shareholders when the listing happens. They could get rid of all the stock at once instead of dribbling it out day by day, and they would get a much higher price.

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      • 1 Reply to jaretwilson
      • JW, I'm not so sure Mosel can easily wait to sell. They seem a tad desperate to me. If the price isn't higher by spring they may sell anyway. Still, I don't worry about it much anymore because these things are usually temporary anyway. Plus, average volume has picked up (about 2x-3x as much as last year). A heavy seller doesn't mean fundamentals for IMOS have changed and I think the impact of Mosel will be less dramtic as more serious investors understand the story. Last year we had DLS and Caff asking questions on CCs and now we've got five or six participants. I may be wrong of course but I feel we're in a better position to absorb Mosel.

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