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  • jmzab jmzab Dec 11, 2012 1:45 AM Flag

    SARDONICW is a Paid basher

    SardonicW is paid basher. He just showed up and started with at least 5-10 post each day with no substance about imos but rather just #$%$. People like him has come and go just to get rid off weak hands for big boys to do their dirty work that means to get shares for cheap. If you sell do not do it because of him but rather base it on your own DD. We will be in 20's in no time, I have hold since 2005 and added each time on the weekness and will do if we go down futher. You do not have to believe me just check my posting since 2005. I am up aI can afford to do it.

    good luck to the LONGS

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    • Should I burn books to. I quote facts not opinions as you do.

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    • Jmzab - which of the following is not true? Buyback of approximately $10 million, insider sales in excess of $25 million. Stock trades at 3x FCF, but no buyback. Only rich Shannon covers the company and his company received almost $1 million in fees. Only 3 institutions own over 500,000 shares - find me another company of this market cap and operating history with such low institutional ownership. You can clam all of this is an opportunity - more coverage, more owners, more buybacks. Inmy opinion, that is all hope. I am posting facts. What is untrue that I wrote above. Also, please explain how paid bashing works. I think you should take your paranoia meds.

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      • Let me just add, that I am only short 25000 shares. I could go shorter or I can go long, I don't care, it's about making money. In my opinion, the sale from one major institution could drive this to $6. I see no evidence that management cares or will do anything shareholder friendly.
        I recommended AMCC to this board. They have made outrageous claims about share gains with their new ARM-based chip. Guess what, management and the board all made insider buys of stock. I think the claims are true and the stock will go to $15 or more next year.
        IMOS has much more insider selling than buying. Management is not credible. I am not a paid basher. I will go long if the evidence changes. No matter what I will make money. All of you are so locked in your views. It's not about loving or hating IMOS it's about following the evidence and making money.
        I think SJ and SK will never do another buyback.

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