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  • desertrat9856 desertrat9856 Dec 13, 2012 10:40 AM Flag


    you seem to know a little about this stupid board , there used to be a way to click on a link that took you right to the most recent post of a thread , on my board that link is gone, now you would have to scroll through every post to find the newest , and even then sometimes it's not there , am I missing something?

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    • All I know is when poster[s] I have on IGNORE post a bunch a posts in a row I have a sea of white-outs before I come to a visible post. When you put an iriot [not a misspelling, don't want to offend idiots] on IGNORE he/she/it should disappear into cyberspace never to be heard of again like on the old thread.

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    • On the right where it says "As: Threaded | Message List" If you click message list and then "Back to board" you should see all the messages in order from newest to oldest in all threads. You can also see them like that within a thread. I think sometimes some of them still don't show up due to a bug, or perhaps also because someone you have ignored posted something.

      A shame they had to screw with something that already worked fine.

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