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  • sardonicwanker sardonicwanker Dec 13, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    IMOS Management is doing great actually!


    Sean, I agree with you. Foggy you are a retardo. Tons of companies do buybacks. Tons!!! and they don't typically backfire without a perfect plan. If this company truly was earning $3, it could buy stock at $20, and it would be accretive and smart to do a buyback.
    But they will only earn $1 because margins will be so low, so low, and revenue will be down next year, not up. They will be very bad. And when it is $6, do not cry.

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    • hey dumb #$%$, do some research, then tell me( in a micro cap stock) where was the stock at buy back and 12 months later where was it .Give me 10 for 10

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      • hey I like your new nick name sard the dumb #$%$

      • Dave, I understand that and I have emailed SK pleading to him to do a buy back. At this point we are so close to getting an IPO pricing and knowing that the stock price is immaterial I am moving on. If IMOS was not being exchanged for Chipmos Taiwan shares I think management would be all over a buy back but we are just about 9 months away. This plan has been evolving over 2 years and I think we all will be very happy with the outcome. One thing I do know is that Chipmos Taiwan is well respected in Taiwan and demand should be great. Chipbond is covered by 14 analysts and I am confident that we will also be covered by them eventually.
        Thailin has $30 million in debt but they also just received $20 million from the 2 million share secondary and had over $20 million in cash at the end of September. Thailin will end up with over $100 million in cash when the rest of the IMOS shares are sold.

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    • We will not see 6, that's just a number you hung up on for some reason, maybe that's when you were molested. If we go much lower management will buy back along with me. Well before we see even 8 no 6 in sight. dumb #$%$

    • whay really happened to you as a child, did you walk in on you dad doing your sister, and not to tell he made you do her while he did you and messed your head up. so your not sure what you are or supposed to be.

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