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  • trumpman4u trumpman4u Dec 13, 2012 6:16 PM Flag

    sardonic. We are sorry.


    We are sorry that you lost all your money in IMOS in 2008 – 09 when the stock dropped .

    We are sorry that you had most of your life savings in the stock.

    We are sorry that you sold at the bottom.

    We are sorry that you have no money, and the only thing you have left in life is internet, and that is why you spend all day posting. Hopeing to make friends.

    We are sorry that you did not hang on at $1 and now have to watch everyone else make back all their money and much more.

    We are sorry that you could not buy more at $1 and make even a bigger return on your investment.

    We are sorry that the only thing you can do is to wish that everyone else would be like you – misery loves company,

    We are sorry that you can't make up your mind to go long or short. Even though it's imaginary money.

    We are sorry that you have to waste your time all day long to just try to live in an illusion you have created in your head.

    I will say it once again…. We are sorry…. But such is life, and it is time to move on and I will buy even more IMOS stock…. You should stop watching…. When it goes up, it will be very painfull. Sometimes reality hurts. But my reality is fine.

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