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  • lee.charlie67 lee.charlie67 Dec 18, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    Davegras is sardonicwanker

    Davegras is sardonicwanker
    Look at the writing style. Here is an example.

    From sardonicwanker “fish breath”

    It also sucks both my #$%$ stick and my stick #$%$.

    From davegras

    Because you are a #$%$ I don't put intelligent people, whether their bullish or bearish, on ignore.

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    • fish breath how did your CNTF work out hahah!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Are you, like, seriously disturbed? I must admit I was reading this morning's posts with mild amusement. But while before you simply sounded like an uneducated hillbilly, now you're sounding like someone who belongs in a sanitorium. I don't even get your post. You realize of course that whether someone uses harsh cursing or soft cursing the characters typically come out the same. I know because I've used both! So there's no connection here. Sorry, nice try. I mean for someone who probably can't write their own name in the ground with a stick. I'm a long-term holder and I've been reading posts from Caffeine, Memory, Dave, Jaret, and others for at least a couple of years if memory serves so your latest claim is beyond stupid. Lordy, so many nuts on this board these days.....

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      • Confucious;
        Great post.Read his post and could not believe the level of stupidity. Was going to write a response but did not know where to start.Life has been so much more enjoyable since I started using the " Ignore " option.You Lee are now on Ignore.Cheers.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Confucius say, "many nutjobs here" - I agree. Lordy Lordy, where did they all come from.

        Now longs attacking longs, is this The Lord of the Flies?

        Exciting day for IMOS, above $10.70, but sellers come back. Probably close down.

        No Cowen, no dividend. Hehehe, very sad, but very funny. Lee is most funniest of all.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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