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  • pere_joseph pere_joseph Dec 18, 2012 6:36 PM Flag

    The world outside IMOS

    A couple of loyal positivo┬┤s keep on writing up this stock. It has value, no doubt. The div arrived in my accounts. But not enough to spend most of my time. Hoped IMOS would perform better as a stock. I keep my position untill we hit 20 USD one day. Then I wave goodbye to this company. In the meantime the chimney needs to keep smoking. To that extend it is good to diversify a bit. I made a nice ride on DDD but I will give you 1 other. It is a small company from Sweden that is specialized in 3 d printing in complicated technical spareparts ( aviation) and medical field. A woman in Holland got a big piece of her fractured skull back in titanium, printed by Arcam. I have enjoyed a ride of 70% plus in the recent 2 weeks. Believe it is just the beginning. Giving it to you as a gesture of good times for Christmas and for some to pay attention to something more elevating than IMOS. Not pumping!!! No need to ask me to pump somewhere else.. It is an interesting story, the technology of the future.

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    • pere, I owned this a while back but got out what looks like too soon. ConGrats to you on your return.

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      • The company is called Arcam and is based in Sweden, trades in Europe and US (ticker AMAVF)
        There was a write up in Seeking Alpha some 2 weeks ago which took this company into the limelight. With DDD trading at 11 x sales and intrinsic value between USD50-USD 110, dependent on the metrics assumed , the company Arcam is trading 4 x sales now (after the recent run up) and would be immediately accreditive to DDD or Statasys. I like the facts that the company is Sweden based (so nice currency hedge against the flawed dollar and euro) and that they are recognized in the medical field. Simply imagine the custom built spareparts for humans, be it leg, arm, etc. I agree it would have been nicer to have posted 2 weeks ago but simply did not cross my mind. This is the IMOS board and 2 weeks ago I couldn,t know it would fly so fast and high. But more to come I believe and anybody can watch/wait for a better entry point. And the div is already booked into my accounts (all three different accounts). Not staggering but a nice piece of gold jewelry for my beloved one. Cherio

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    • Pere, can you walk thru the thesis. Earnings, cash flow, growth expectations, balance sheet, etc.

      Does this trade in the US?

      Incidentally, IMOS breaks $11 tomorrow.

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    • should have told us about that one a month ago.

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      • Just a short comment after Christmas. I mentioned the stock Arcam and some critisized I should have mentioned it earlier. When I did the stock was trading at 21 and today, dec 26, it was 27,50. Not a bad return in 10 days. But what the heck, everybody that benefitted enjoy and to all of the criticasters, no worries, i will never give another idea to a message board again. Cherio

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      • True but I'm not here to take everybody by the hand. If it goes well you're just thanked and when it goes wrong one is an @hole. But i believe in the 3 D printing revolution. Look at the Arcam board under item Thank You Seeking alpha and the 4-th comment is from me on Dec.4!

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