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  • jpasc1234 jpasc1234 Jan 15, 2013 2:03 PM Flag


    James Leighton a little turd from the UK who has been doing this for years. Discuss?

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    • Sardonicwanker is nothing but a w**ker. (No, I didn't disappear, you Cretin. I do, however, have other things going in my life.) He writes junk. "Novatek, Winbond and Macronix don't like SK anymore." Pleeeeze. I don't care if he's "right" today, tomorrow, a week from next Thursday, or even for the next 3-6 months. This is an intellectually dishonest slob whose quick to misquote whatever I write it seems. The last time I spoke with SK he said margins this year would be in the 18-19% area but I suggest anybody who is interested go back and read my posts in December. As it were, I've been a long-term shareholder since 2005 and have not sold a share since. On the contrary, I've bought more. I even bought a lot more in late 2011 below or around $5/share. I've giving this stock 1-2 years to reach fair value. So yes, Sardy, going forward I will not sell a single share and I will buy more if the stock falls below my average cost basis. Even if you don't hear from me for weeks or months at a time!

      This guy is on ignore. And I will put anybody else on ignore who responds to him as if he's being straight up because you're a bigger fool than he is if you do. you REALLY think Caff sold all his shares?? Please get a grip and stop being so gullible to loser posters like sardywanker.

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      • He did not say anything here. He was wrong about the share price going to $6/but right about it being a good idea to short it in the $11.70 - 13.00 range. I think he pulled out for a bit, because the stock has gotten a little stronger. One can see it now has strong buying pressure when it falls below $11/00/share.

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      • Davis and Caff, as much as I dislike Sardonicwanker he said, "Revenues will fall bc to much LCDs shipped in 2h 2012 "
        The fact that there is to much inventory out there and sales are slower then expected throughout the market, why would this statement not be true?

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      • Dave, I agree 100% with you. I do not post much anymore because there is not much to say. As far as I am concerned everything is in motion as the company has stated. If the market want's to sell off IMOS today 7% based on the company's revenue being $1million less then the company's guidance then so be it. I still have IMOS coming in about 35-40 cents for the quarter way above 28 cents estimated. Again that is realy not even relevent. The listing soon will create the value and we will all be rewarded in the end.I like you use these sell off's to increase my position.I am estimating that 2013 earnings wll be about $2 and free cash flow about $3. Stay long and strong and don't let the bashers get under your skin.

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      • Thanks Dave .. I agree with 1-2 year time frame to see value .. also in the sardonic scenario he is till talking about $1 EPS in his overcapacity scenario and so still at $10 is a good price

        But my question to you is how severe do you think this overcapacity situation is?

    • Now tell me my name infernal.

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