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  • silmarilion123 silmarilion123 Jan 18, 2013 6:51 PM Flag


    Well, we have been very patient as imos has gone from 8 last winter to 19 in March, to 8.25 on 7 23, up to 16.05 early this fall, down to 9.79 a few weeks ago, and now just over 11. When do you all see it finally coming up significantly into the 15 to 20 range?

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    • Why is Simarilion such an attention wh0re?

      8 out of the last 10 posts. 14 out of the last 24. All from a guy who says so precious little. Typical excerpt: I think IMOS will rise or fall depending on whether people think the stock will rise or fall.
      I'm starting a betting pool: Why does Silmarilion willingly embarrass himself in order to get noticed? Choices are as follows:

      A) Low self-esteem (2:1)
      B) Personality disorder (even money)
      C) Only Child (5:1)
      D) Low Activity Level (20:1)
      E) Low attention received (6:5)
      F) Zero Friends on Facebook (no betting on this line)
      G) Inner need to be liked (1:5)
      H) Narcissist (30:1)
      I) He doesn't crave attention. He just doesn't know what a complete, utter #$%$ he is (8:5)

      Additional wager: Number of posts we'll see over the next three pages. The over/under is 16.

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      • That was funny. Anyway have been dealing with this turkey for around a year now and it has been very frustrating. The disconnect between the hype over the fundamentals and the way imos frequently underperforms the indices is infuriating.

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      • confucious- great post!..Wish you would post more often. Enjoy your sense of humor....

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      • Ok. Well what folks have said here, although strong in terms of fundamental analysis, has not had much correlation with reality.
        I will respond to the 9 possibilities you listed.
        A yes
        B yes ... Guess which one's.
        C No. Have a brother/.
        D not exactly ... Was too kinetic for school staff.
        E sometimes
        F 274 nominal friends, a couple real ones
        G hard to say
        H yes
        I doesn't care ... I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me. Yahoo does not police its boards so one can get away with a lot here.
        You just gave me a lot of attention. Does that make you a fool, a jerk or something else?

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