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  • sean777007 sean777007 Feb 19, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    Ground hog day

    Same old B.S.. Perfect opportunity to retire shares as Giant Haven dump's but management is reactive V.S. Pro-active. Way to reward the long time loyal shareholders S.J./S.K.. Let's wait for a rally to do another buyback. Dumb###'s.

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    • I've been wondering if they'll be more willing to do a buyback once the EMS listing is done. This is the perfect time to be doing it -- very low price, and the slow sales part of the year. Hopefully they'll consider it soon because this is such an opportunity.

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      • Well the stock price of imos dropped to $8.25 intra-day on July 23rd because the buy back was capped at $8.00/share. The secondary offering was made at $10.20/share. Based upon the sustained weakness in imos's stock, and the poor performance of management in managing the share price, it is likely that the listings and ipos for imos will also have fairly low prices, perhaps in the $10.50 to $11.00/share range, a little higher than the most recent relevant marker, the secondary offering.

      • well today was disappointing, I added another 2000 shares at 2pm and when I got home it was down another .25 quess I'll add one more time at the 10.75 level, but man it would be nice to see some upside.

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      • After a few months, I guess it’s time for me to jump on the share buyback bandwagon. This stock has certainly underperformed the market/sector by a huge margin and as a result, just keeps getting cheaper, not to mention the cash added and even lower EV. If their corporate structure/ownership wasn’t so complicated, they would be a takeover target. Well below book value, although hard to #$%$ the true BV in many cases. Cold be lower, or in some cases, even higher. Has anybody done an analysis on what the true BV is?

        Overall, the buyback won’t get the stock going , but would help when people finally want to buy this stock. The main listing will be the main catalyst, as well as the increased dividend. The dividend is key. That will never be overlooked.

        The monthly sales were a little disappointing, but more than disappointing is built into this stock. I picked up a little more yesterday afternoon. I guess it’s a good thing as the volume is so low today that you would be hard pressed to buy now. This is an odd stock as yesterday was high volume, and today no volume. It’s almost as if it was one seller and he had to be out by 4:00pm yesterday. I guess some people have busy schedules.

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