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  • jayand777 jayand777 Apr 17, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Caff, your silence

    has peaked my curiosity. Yes, you've posted on a few general topics, but you've been over-characteristically quiet, as have several other key deep-pocketed board members.

    The last time you were this quiet before a key event we later found out you part of a stock offering far below the market price. A stock offering that did mainstream IMOS shareholders no favors.

    Not accusing, but just saying.......

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    • Jay;
      As Pere J. Has pointed out Caff 's silence usually means good new's coming.That being said I am P.O'd that management Is not taking advantage at this opportunity to buy back shares.As I responded ti Dave G . Earlier buying as the stock rallies can get management In trouble.Buying 3 weeks after you announce a buyback as the stock is TANKING Is not only good business sense but very LEGAL.Fricking ground hog day once again. Third time this has happened and SO frustrating. Cheers.

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      • Good evening from Europe. Indeed Caff is silent when important developments for IMOS are in the works. He avoids any accusation of pre knowledge! That is the result of being employed and privy to pre-public knowledge. Silently I am lurking in the background to leave this unpredictable stock. We will make a good return in the end but it has never been an easy shot. Up and down! Too much volatility! Yes I sold 50 % at around 19 but bought back in on the way down. This stock will never be a HUGE bagger. It will climb a hill, may be reaching 25-30 USD in euphoric conditions but will fall back again. Capex will have to increase(to my utmost modest opinion) to keep up with competition and still they have USD 200 Million plus debt. Yes I know they have a huge cash balance but just like with Apple's cash hoard, it is NOT in my pocket. Therefor, as already announced 1 year ago, when this stock hits the 20-25 USD range I will be out 80% and let the remaining 20 % dance with the flow!
        Funny Sean 7 you remembered my observation.

      • It would be a mistake to buy back ahead of a low-priced listing.

        Sentiment: Hold

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