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  • foggyswamp foggyswamp May 8, 2013 8:09 AM Flag


    Overall market is acting like it did in the late 90's - early 2000's. Its great but cant help feeling a little spooky. We have had some tremendous runs with no sign of pulling back, at some time a correction has to come. Not wanting to be on the sidelines and miss these runs but at the same time would like to be less weighted if anything goes south.

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    • foggy
      I'm in Turturro's camp--- "I was still buying IMOS in the 14’s the other day. Selling some winners and IMOS is still a good home for that cash" and expressed the same opinion in the past, felt owning for two years did not preclude more buys on the dips from Dec., 2012 through mid April.
      Thanks to the knowledgeable posts on this MB, backing and filling presented more opportunities to increase the postion in Imos, and Imost is keying up the fmv we've been waiting for-marnis and caff have been on the money on this, and lizheng's translations adds to enjoying see Bloomberg's "8150" quote on the Favorite's Bar p.m. and next a.m.
      GLTLongs- knock the cover off the ball by next week!!

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      • royco, I agree I too bought the last position at 13.96. But with all my positions being in IMOS and some freed up from the sell on HIMX at 7, Im just looking for a spec play in a lower price range that will yeild me a quick 10-15% return. I still hold my core position in IMOS and reserve 25k shares to pop in and out for spending money, if nothing else it helps the volume on some days. lol I still believe we will be talking about how adding positions, considering 16 or so the weakness and glad we could add at that price but this is down the road several months out.

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      • The markets love a good story. HIMX had/has a good story and set fire to the stock. IMOS does have a story now. We just need people to read the book.

        I think sombody must have written something positive in Taiwan. We went from low volume to high volume and 8% increase since yesterday. Also IMOST traded up on higher volume too. But it could be just one large investor moving in.

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    • The bubble is in all the yeilding defensive stocks. Pipelines, Pharma, MLP's ect. A lot of the other stocks really haven't moved much. And quite a few are dirt cheap. It's a very bi-polar market. We could also just start to have a rotation. Money really has nowhere to go now. Even if we had a pullback which is probably in the cards somepoint soon, it might not actually be a bad thing for the unloved sectors that the companies are actually doing well, but stocks are out of favor.

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