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  • jayand777 jayand777 Sep 27, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Best Posters Gone?

    We seem to have lost most of our best posters. I know they said no new board, but I'm beginning to wonder if they all went over there to a private board. Hope not, as this was the best board on Yahoo before Sil, Sardonic and their multiple aliases showed up.

    In any event, anyone calculate how many days we have left until the offering is complete? TIA.

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    • Jay - I assume I'm included in the group. Laying low until I have something substantive to add. I remain long and confident this plays out well. Looking forward to Vegas.

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    • Don't worry I'll still always be here for you.

    • Jay- nada to discuss unitl after the trading in TW becomes unencumbered sometime next week. Then we can try and figure out where IMOS is going from there. Of course there is a CC in November and the Thailin buyback in November followed [immediately] by a large, aggressive buyback of IMOS shares. It has been a long slog though year to year from January 2012 it has been one of 100% yearly gains[ I suspect we will do better than that this year]. Fortunately while waiting for the paint to dry [an unfair description of a stock that has gone from $5 to its present level in 21 months] many of the longtimers are also heavily invested in Micron [and previously Himax]. So never a dull moment though still expecting a significnt rally for IMOS before year end.

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    • This is why Himax drop today. Intel and Apple go with other company. Their product is $499 and for sale right now but target to sporty people.

      Intel invests in Google Glass rival, talks up wearables • 11:06 AM

      Intel's (INTC -1.6%) VC arm has made a "significant" investment in Recon Instruments, a developer of heads-up display (HUD) products. Terms are undisclosed. (PR)
      Recon currently offers Snow and Jet, HUDs that respectively target skiers and cyclists. The devices include GPS chips and motion sensors, as well as Bluetooth radios for smartphone pairing. Recon says it has shipped 50K+ units, including some at Apple Stores.
      Unlike Google Glass, Recon is tailoring it hardware for niche markets. Glass' growing developer ecosystem and built-in support for Google apps/services will make it tough for smaller rivals to directly compete against it (though a larger firm such as Apple or Microsoft might have a shot).
      Look for Recon to use Intel chips in future hardware. Last month, Intel unveiled Quark, an embedded/wearables SoC said to consume far less power than Atom CPUs. Glass runs on ARM-based CPUs.
      Mike Bell, previously in charge of Intel's mobile chip efforts, is now charge of a Devices unit that covers wearables. An Intel spokesperson: "We’re actively working on multiple opportunities across wearables."

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    • Jay, should be done next week on Wednesday based on my calculation. Just not much to report but the board has been getting to much outside activity and most long term investors IMO are just not going to post just to post. I hate to say it but this activity now will be the normal going forward once all of the questions about the Taiwan listing has been completed. The last week or so has shown its colors as most of the IMOS news is now understood by all. The last question that most of us have is what happens when all 170 million shares get released for trading next week and what happens when we move to the main exchange in the second quarter of next year. The next transaction that will happen will be IMOS purchase of the IMOS shares held by Thailin in November and the the very large agressive buy back by IMOS following right after the Thailin buy back. Business looks good will probably meet high point of guidance on GM 's and upper midpoint on revenues. 4th quarter is looking up probably 2-4 % which is better then all the analysts are forecasting. All analysts have revenues down 4th quarter1-3%.

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