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  • mysportcraft mysportcraft Mar 20, 2003 12:14 PM Flag


    Just flipping through some quotes and see that you 4 to 5 guys had a nice run up recently.

    This just seems to be some additional salt on those wounds.

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    • I hope you keep watching this stock. In a couple of years when we are having a big celebration party for smart long term investments made at todays price, I want to be able to send you an invitation.

      Meanwhile, keep on snipping and "rubbing salt in our three year old wounds"! I will still give to a ride in my new Jag!

      Bye for now!


      PS: Who jumped in front of my bid, was that you Eric??

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      • Good news / bad news.
        On the bad side of course was the significantly
        lower orders.
        Good news: despite what will be a terrible Q1,
        they still expect 2003 to be better than 2002,
        which means future quaters would have to
        improve. Also, cash burn for Q4 was next to
        nothing. Also, todays price still holding $3
        could mean a bottom. Notice I say "could",
        because for me to call a bottom is a sure sign
        that it wouldn't be!! ;-)
        I've got a feeling there are plenty of us
        more than eager to load up in the $2's which
        is likely why it will not happen. Remember the
        best thing about a long downturn is, the longer
        the downturn, the bigger the upturn!!
        NO CEB, I've not bought any shares today or
        put in any bids.........yet ;-)
        I haven't listened to the CC yet, but I will.
        For the record, INTT is not my biggest position
        in the sector,(although it is definitely getting bigger) NANO is. NANO much cheaper on
        any price/balance sheet measure, and also low
        cash burn, and also great prospects for future.
        Gosh, it's even less than net working capital.

        Regards, Eric.

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