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  • jamesl1585 jamesl1585 Aug 4, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    Just how "good" was the pre-clinical data?

    First off, let me introduce myself. I'm JL, a 27 yo new graduate and pharmacist. I have decided to use my education to play the biopharmaceutical stocks. Of all the biopharm's that I've seen thus far (with the exception of ARNA), this may be the most promising yet.

    I'm extremely impressed with the DEDICATED investors on this board (Joe, and stockwatcher especially) and have been watching for the past few weeks all the exchange of excellent information.

    On to my question, Does anyone know just how effective the pre-clinical studies was? Has anyone seen pictures of those rats/mice that were administered the drug to see the amount of scar reduction that was allowed by the drug? I haven't seen any data on the pre-clinicals, but the technology sounds like a blockbuster. So yea, anyone please feel free to answer my questions.

    See you all at the top ladies and gentleman.


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    • welcome mr JL. It is good to have a young pharmacist on board and hear your perspective on these matters. Let's maintain a healthy investor's board with key inputs and logical arguments.

      mr. bkgale53 provided a good resources to that should guide you on some of the key developments. You may ask why so little on the details of preclinical data made available to us, but in the field of development biotech, such details are not easily published on journals (rather) due to fear of competitions. The science, methods, in vitro developments are usually published in journals and patents etc, as they provide ownership, but preclinical data (in vivo) are very critical for the company. Such developments are mainly made available via poster presentations and talks to minimize the target audience to a selective population. In the development biotech, even the smallest data are debated extensively by the key personnel of a company including (don't be surprised) patent consultants, legal and compliance officers and accountants, before being made available to the world.

      The science and the technology is definitely astounding, but it is years overdue.

      mr stockwatcher has provided some valuable points and constantly raised questions on these matters, and it is of of interest to you, me, and other readers.

      I will raise some points on the clinical trial on another thread.

      • 2 Replies to joe_3201
      • Hello Joe_3201:

        Thank you for taking the time to make known to us about the clinical trial process. It is valuable to us in terms of having a better time frame in mind.

        March 2013 is not that far away. If things turn out positively, it may bring RXi's share price to a higher level.

        I am postulating with optimism here. What would be the next step after March 2013? RXi will move on to the Phase 2 clinical trial? How will RXi going to finance those activities? We may find some hints in the company's 2012 financial reports?

      • Mr. Joe,

        Thanks tremendously. Good insight and you clearly have a great understanding about the process. I do to an extent, but pre-clinicals is not my forte! Lol. Thanks.


    • Thank you, a very interesting group on this board with a healthy respect for their fellow investors. Refreshing. I,m not able to add much to the equation scientifically, but will add whenn and where I feel I can contribute. Luck to all...........Michael

    • Jamesl1585:


      Investing in biotech or biopharma companies has its rewards and associating risks. However, conducting proper and indepth "due diligence" can help to lower the rishs and increases the chances of good rewards to an investor.

      I am sure that you have visited the website of RXi and have read some scientific reports on RNAi.

      To be honest with you, I have not seen the positive effects of RNAi on the mice trials. Yet, peer evaluation of scientific reports are very important check and balance on the validity of RNAi. So far, I have not seen any scientists in this field contesting that RNAi does not work on mice as RXi claims.

      By the way, this company has a Nobel Price winner, Dr. Craig Mello on its research team. I seriously doubt that RXi will publish fake results.

      Now, you know as much as I do that, even the mouse genome is around 78% + or - similar to the human genome, there can be stumbling blocks when RNAi is applied to humans.

      I have to admit that I am not a scientist at all. However, my own DD tells me that RNAi can be designed very specific for human use and this medication should work.

      I have been informed that the problem resides in how to delivery the targetted medication to the problem cells and eliminate them. Because, traditionally, the RNAi could not stay long enough, localise application or systemic application in the body to kill those problematic cells.

      However, rapid developments in the last few years in connection with the delivery system have occurred. RXi has one effective in-house delivery system, namely sd-rxRNAi which has succeeded in getting the medication to the problem cells and destroying them. Recently, the company obtained another new delivery technology from UMMS, namely GeRP (SiRNA).

      The current clinical trial, project RXI-109 is the first step to demonstrate that RNAi can be effective in reducing dermal scarring. Well, normal time will take about 8 years and millions of dollars before it would receive FDA approval. Joe_3201 and some of my contacts think that it may take a short time. However, if progress reports are positive and encouraging, these would drive the share value up.

      Joe_3201 has been very generous in providing very good information on the technology, RXi's potential competition and the calibre of RXi's management. Which are all valuable to the understanding of RXi as it moves foreward.

      I hope you are willing to share some new information with us if you come across them in your DD.

      I am prepared to hold and buy more RXi shares in the coming 2 to 3 years.
      Have a nice day!

    • JL
      Nice to have you on this board most of us have done a lot of due diligence and we are happy to share information. You can find most of the pre-clinical data on the RXI web site under resources. I recommend you look at Bulock K. Asymmetric, Hydrophobically Modified RNAi Compounds: From Mechanism to Clinical Development. Genomics Research 2012/RNAi and miRNA, 2012 April 19; Boston, Massachusetts.
      This is a very good overview if the technology.

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