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  • red900901 red900901 Mar 23, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Rxi Research Progress and News Timeline


    As far as I can surmise, here is the upcoming timeline for research developments and news timeline. Add constructive contributions as needed. (i.e. no idiot basher comments, this is a conversation for adults now.)

    • April 2013 - Unblinding of Ph1a results of Rxi as compared to placebo, single dose trial.

    • April, May or June, 2013 - Results of Ph1b, multi-dose study.

    • 2H2013 - Start of Ph2 Research on Rxi-109.

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    • I Grade the earnings Report out this morning as +A , on a hard scale . Things to Note $20 million cash on Hand , with a cash burn rate of 4.5 million in 2012 . That gives them 4 years of cash on hand, at that rate . Second thing to Note is they dropped there yearly expences by 3.5 Million ! That is a Big Deal in itself . With 20 million Cash, they should never have to issue new shares . They also stated that OPK, and Frost Gamma Trust had taken a stock postion in the Company . DR. Phillip Gamma Frost MD. holds over 42% of OPK shares and controls it as CEO . Gamma Frost Trust is his Fund, and he has MMs that control it . They should not have to do any more Private Placements for years to come if ever . It looks like if Dr Frost wants more shares he will have to buy them on the open market . This is great news for all Longs involved in RXII ! Keep smiling .

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    • tommybelaysis Mar 28, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

      Clowns. Every cheap penny biotech puts out numerous PR's. Check out the thousands of PR's Kriegsman has put out over the years! LOL!

      You pumpsters love those PR's doncha? That's when you DUMP SHARES!

      Please stop trying to PUMP this POS, you're much too obvious!

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    • April's ph1a results only weeks away. I expect very positive report based on results to date. Should give the pps a good jolt IMO.........

    • Thanks, good post from an adult! LOL

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    • Yahoo is 20 min. slow on price . At 10.11 Scottrade has RXII at .278 and vol. at 300k . FYI . Looks great !

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    • Thank you RED, you have been the best at Posting Phase 1 and Phase 2 Progression of RXIIs research, and I do respect for that . We Longs all need to stick together ! Keep smiling and making money on RXII .

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    • Less , also rember under the New FDA , Un-met Medical Needs ; the time line a Pharma Product with on Major Negitive Events, has been shortened, can apply for approval 6 months into Phase 2 . A new Fast track Law that the FDA started last year . That time line is not that far away . Also Dr Forst invests long term into these companys for bigger gains . A year or two is not a long wait for a big run up in share price .. My thought is by then they could get bought out , or merged with another of Dr. Frost companys such as OPK . OPK is now the largest share holder of RXII stock . Check Major Holders on Yahoos , RXIIs stock page . Keep smiling and making money !

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    • That sounds about right. Right on schedule so far!

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