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  • grabbngo grabbngo May 16, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    Why do you guys even bother...

    responding to the bashers? They will be bashing all the way up to $50 as long as they can goad you into responding. Don't put them on "ignore". Just ignore them and they will go away. If you believe in the company and the people, then science, and the good management behind it will speak for itself.

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      Notice the date!

      keith.sims 1 post | Last Activity: 5 minutes ago Member since: May 17, 2013

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    • Yes, why bother!

      They deliberate write terrible LIES with the sole purpose to get people so upset that they respond directly to those negative message.

      Every time we respond directly, they will get pay a small bonus. They used to exchange laughs on how they have used us and get paid at the same time.

      Give their messages a thumbs down and put them on ignore.

      If you respond, they will get more pay and they will turn around and write even more outrage messages.

      These negative writers are the more degenerated members in our society.

      They have no facts, no hearts, no morals and the way they help to manipulate RXII and other stocks are out-right illegal. They hide themselves in the dark without being able to explain or substantiate their LIES. They are cowards.

    • Thats true garbbngo . I just wonder why all the speaking for itself but loses daily . After its 300 % run up . Still all the great news King red puts out. It really should move up on these great news right?? I know other small starting out companys at least move up once in 30 days .. I just see something wrong with this picture.. Its like everything news and all is great but the stock prices has stopped dead after falling for days still edging lower. It is well know and should have up and down trends . Not just down and flat .Say what you want . ITS NOT NORMAL.

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