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  • red900901 red900901 Jun 2, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

    OT: Other companies such as INO


    Any of your guys hot for INO? Was doing some DD on other dev. stage biotechs and INO looks to be a promising company with a robust pipeline of AIDS vaccines in development. I still can't decide if I truly like GALE or not. Seems like it has been a pump and dump in the last year or so. I know spaghetti likes it. What about DG (Dollar General)? Not biotech, but they seem to have large expansion plans due to their mounting successes. Just some Sunday afternoon DD...always looking for something new. Share what you like, if you can. New ideas always welcome.

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    • Red...I just saw this post of yours. Email me at autumn9991@yahoo. I've got something likely new you could look at. I have a very large position in this one as well as RXI. I'll look at INO.

    • Red,
      I am actually really hign on INO. I actually referrenced it on a post to you 08May2013 @ 0943, This Company is apparently founded by a group of ex-Merck Scientists. As an ex-Merck guy myself, I do know tthat they are the best in the biz when it comes to vaccines. INO is currently working on a universal flu vaccine that will cover the common cold to the Swine flu. I am going to establish a position when I free up some cash. I am not anticipating any runs in the near future. Although, I thought the same thing when RXii chilled at 7.6 cents for three months then went to 35.8 in under 2 weeks. I actually bailed on GALE in the $2.75 range. I do plan on buying back in at some point. There is some manipulation going on there. I can only stand so much.

    • Red: I have kept a low profile this past year. I came to RXII through owning shares of GALE. I respect your diligence in battling the bashers who have yet to offer anything but outdated info. I commend your efforts and diligence and those of Stockwatcher, rmsac, and BioPharma. I have a second Penney stock that I've been following that I think is worth a look - Cereplast (symbol CERP). I have established a significant position over the past 3months. I have come to respect You and this group, so I offer this company to you for your own DD as a "thank you" for your diligence.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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