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  • inrags86 inrags86 Jul 9, 2013 6:46 PM Flag


    I would have thought that leading up to Friday that the stock would be creaping upwards, and it has only went down. you add in the insider sales, and I am beginning to think friday might not be a good day.

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    • Advanced RNA tech sale of 200,000 shares is meaningless when they own 39 million shares. Also they are not insiders. They are a 10% owner. insiders would be CEO, Chief scientific officer, directors etc.

      Secondly phase 1 showed 50% scar reduction, which means phase 1b multi dose results would show even better maybe 70 to 80% scar reduction.

      Finally why would RXII host an analyst and investor symposium with JPmorgan, Roth capital, Maxim etc. with bad results?? It makes no sense, please stop with the bashing!

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    • ingras, nice bit of subtle bashing. Not very clever though. A new name, a new basher..................

    • Inrags86...I would have thought it would have been an up day today also. I was watching the action on Level 2 right at the close. The bid was, if I remember right, at .193, ask at .198, and last trade at .193. There was 19K something shares at the ask and I would have bet that someone was going to pick up those shares for sure. Looks like some of the Longs are just holding their present position and looking for shares cheaper. I can't blame them too much as I've been there and done that too. That said, I have to say that I think there are only a few more days to add shares under 20 cents. I already have my position built, exact number of shares not for public info, but substantial I would say. Earlier today I posted that a watched pot never boils. Lots of truth there because if you watch hour by hour, day after day expecting the big "Pop" you might be feeling some frustration now. Give it some time if you are holding. Look at the YTD chart. Lots in the pipeline it looks to me. I was buying down under 10 cents when nobody was buying. GLTA

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    • I agree . If the future of RXII is so bright , then why are the insiders continue to sell their shares ? Unless they loose their minds and do not know what they are doing !

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