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  • marksch58 marksch58 Mar 7, 2014 10:54 AM Flag

    This might be an unpopular question, but

    if RXII is such a screaming blue light special, why the heck haven't insiders been stepping up with some bucks? Geert bought small amounts but that was back in the fall...insiders own a rather piddly amount of stock. Every time I hear the boss talk, he's telling analysts that rxii should be on their radar, lets see him buy some, for goodness sake.

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    • Well, I believe that Frost, Honig and Cauwenbergh together own at least 35% of the stock, and probably more. There are a couple of tutes that own about 10% each. There are only 13 million shares outstanding. With around 6 million or less shares in the float, insiders might not want more. There are really too few available shares for big investors now.

      With ANY interest by tutes or funds, this stock would be under severe buying pressure and there could be a buying frenzy. Volume has already been much higher since the Nasdaq up-list and I would suspect that available shares are getting soaked up pretty fast these days.

      The only thing that would prevent such an occurence, it seems to me, would be a failure in the clinical trials or some other negative fundamentals news.

      So helpme_hanna

    • According to a CNBC link I've used in the past, there are now 6 institutions, 5 mutual funds, and 10 other major holders in RXII. One of the mutual funds is Blackrock, but their holdings is small compared to the others.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • very good point marksch, it would be an encouraging sign. But, not to forget that the Frost group made a private placement in mid 2013 of over $16 million.

      This financing was both non-diluting, and debt free. ..........a good day to All

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      • I was referring actually to individuals mostly...and the only individual that has a decent stake in this outfit is Pavco. Geert owns very little stock, BUT at least he was making small purchases in the fall when the SP was in the 3's. Small purchases like that would have no effect on the share price but at least show some good faith, and It wouldn't kill the other directors to accumulate a bit of stock either.

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