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  • equity_call equity_call Apr 26, 2006 3:17 PM Flag


    I hope you did get out TZOO yesterday. I have closed my position at $45 and would wait a pullback though today's action has scared me I will do more homework. I told you we should set our target $45 and never come gready and now you must enjoy 26n points profit and hope some of PRGX has picked some shares when it was $20s. My next huge pick is ACSEF which I bought Monday. Thanks to Garad of shidaal who emialed me to look at this. He also told me that he has emailed to you. Did you get into it or you waited confirmation. I am up now 110% and will sell at close.

    Let me know if you want to add more shares PRGX as you hit huge profit from tzoo or you hold it. I have added 30k today and will see if I can get enough shares before close today without creating fake run.

    I am feeling much confidence in PRGX especially its management and I am now planning to attend July meeting.

    Folks (longs) I do support those of you who have positive image here and I only know that we will have a strong returns. Now, volume dried and I want it to be that way becuase TRAC will find another penny stock to go. Once this happen, and news hit the wire...we will start a new trend which will only keep going up and up. I have done enough research and I know that many big guys loaded during conversion so we only wait our time.

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    • Yes, I was out today at the open $47. I did get Garad's email but it was too late to act. I have bought yesterday AOOR and thanks Garad for his detailed pick (AOOR) we met his target $1 which was my best performance for this year. I caused drop when I sold hundred of thousands of shares at $1 today. I will buy back if it goes at and around $0.70.

      I know you have played too as you indicated in the trading room (shidaal) why did they stop free services I do not see any update for sometime.

      I will add couple of hundred shares if volume comes back as you said it will run and we do not want to create that artificial move. I am hunting any large sell blocks... or load at the close if any shares seem available.

      Thanks man...I will see you in their annual meeting live.

      I have picked 40k shares SANM but seems big guys are very much interested see the volume and I know you have some shares too. Let me know where you will get out.

      I see PRGX cheap as long as it is below $0.60

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