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  • horsecrazy628 horsecrazy628 Feb 8, 2013 11:17 PM Flag

    Is Anybody Out There? Do any of the old regulars still check in--Please Reply!

    This board is on its last leg---no more regulars, no more nothing! If any of the "oldies" are tuning in every week or so, reply to this posting--even if it's just to say "I still check in every week or two."? Just curious who actually "looks" at this board now !

    I will start the action. I (Horsecrazy) check in at least once a week and look at the messages.

    Hope you're all doing well. :-)

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    • Wow; bought this pig at $17 and sold at about $15. Amazing I didn't hold on and lose more. Just another example of reverse Robin Hood. Poor rich need more of my money. Pigs

    • HC, If you don't like arna, look at rvm NOW

    • Hey Horselady, I'm still around every now and again just to laugh at the stock price and to see if our ol buddy gogo is still begging people to "load". LOL Also it's pretty interesting to see if the Ryugo character is still around blaming everything on Al Little. Hope you are doing well.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Hey Raven--I think the board is about gone. I leave meassages now and then on SD (Sandridge Energy) message board, since I have shares of that. It's not like this board was, however. There are messages being posted all the time by so many people, your message gets lost in the shuffle. Not a close network like the DEER board. But, look at how fast this "close network" faded. If Ryugo is still around, I am sure he will post something sooner or later. I still am curious about Bidenboy--I really thought he'd be around--unless he was a DEER plant like someone else said. He could have been the way he disappeared. Who knows! I will check in later to see if anyone else replies! Take care all you oldies!! BTW--I bought some BBRY (Blackberry), it should go up--at least I hope.The new Z10 phone will be out tomorrow. Later !!

      • Hi Raven, I am glad you're still checking in now and then too. You know who really surprises me that never says anything anymore is "Bidenboy". He was like a board leader, then once the stock was delisted, he pretty much disappeared. Someone on here said they thought he might of been a DEER plant? Sure did not seem that way to me, but it makes you wonder since he went POOF--kind of like Gogo (and we know she--or he, was/is a plant)!!

        Anyhow, we'll see who else replies and when!

    • HC I to look in every now and then, and just to let you know I'm still trading ARNA on the waves. I expect it to breakout soon another few months or maybe sooner.

      ARNA is a strong buy:

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      • Danfinn--Are you still long ARNA? I see it's been stuck around $8 and some change for a long time. When do you suppose it will rise and how much? I had some ACAD I bought at $5.50, sold at $6.50, then about a week after I sold, it soared to $13. It's now trading sideways around $11 and change! That's how my luck goes!!! Anything new?

      • Hey Danfinn--good to hear from you! I am glad you still have ARNA and thanks for the update. I also have some ACAD and DEPO. Both should go to the high single digits (according to the service I subscribe to--but who knows). I am glad there are a few who check in--can't believe no one else looks in here anymore--maybe they do, but just not very often. I appreciate your updates on ARNA. I hope it goes to $20 something in the near future!!

    • HC, I am just checking to see if you bought any AAPL, because it did drop
      into the $440's like you said.


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      • Biff, I did not buy Apple, I can't afford stocks that high priced--even if I could buy some, I'd only be able to buy such a small amount it would not be worth it. I am not as bullish on AAPL as you are, I think it had a big run and now everyone is cashing in and kind of leary- IMO. I think it is a great company, but they came out and said an analysts new price target is around $350!

        I bought SD for $12 range back in 2011. I've dollar cost averaged myself down some, but it has to go up several dollars higher before I can sell at break even. It makes me nervous, but the service I subscribe to still maintains that it is undervalued and will climb up to the high single digits. I just hope this is the case--they claim once the leadership is set straight the stock will rise!

        BBRY should go up after the initial launch in March, then in a few months after that when they are able to distribute the new Blackberry with the keyboard version, I think it will be more attractive and the stock should go up. I could be totally wrong, but this is my belief.

        A lot of people now think that Facebook is a buy ?????

      • I notice that you bought SD at $12. per share. I believe you paid too much.
        On an oil company like that I would pay attention to book value and I would wait to
        buy at or below book value per share. Book right now is $5.58.

        Also if you just bought RIMM, which is now BBRY, you most likely have paid too
        much for that, one product company.If you really had a lot of faith in BBRY, why not buy it
        between $6 and $8? Did you think the company had a good future when the share
        price was say, $6.50? Well why pay 2.5 times that much when they came out with
        a new product? What if the new phone doesn't sell well? You are going right back
        down to probably below $6.00 Everyone knew they were working on a new product.

        Information on paying too much for stock is in Ackman's video, along with plenty of
        other info that would help you. The best time to buy stocks is when no one wants to buy.

        AAPL in the $440's like you said is a lot safer than RIMM at $17. And if you bought
        Apple @ $442 and it goes right back to the old high of $705, which I believe it will
        exceed, that's a return of 59% plus dividends while you wait.

        Any stock you are interested in, check what it did and what the share price was
        on Oct. 4, 2011. That's one of the few times when you should buy!

        BBRY may possibly go higher, but if it was me I would sell it.

        You should watch to the whole video! Maybe several times. IMO.


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