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  • ericvondr1 ericvondr1 Apr 12, 2006 4:35 PM Flag


    you sound like an and much you want to bet it doesn't get to 5.75 after 6?

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    • Hey Knuckle Head !

      Ya You !

      The reason I said what I said is because it

      depends on West Coast trading and /or Market

      Malipulation be the M&M crooks. If one of

      their pals wants in on this POS, they will

      lower for a split second to a fill 2500 or

      better order.

      Sounds like you don't trade much in AH or PM.

      Get a life you PUNK !

      And I don't bet with ASSHOLES .

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      • hey jtr923, you keep holding to the belief that this is going down afterhours, and going down tommorrow.

        just keep holding onto that belief.

        denial is a bitch.

        and you're in it BIG TIME!

        i pity you, for a guy like you, who is so stubbornly one-sided on a stock, can trully never make REAL money in the market.

        if you were an opportunistic trader you would've bought shares on weakness today, but no, you believe some other crap about pacific trading after hours and MM manipulation.

        you're clueless.

        but, here's my advice--still assuming you're here to make money--buy the stock now! sell early next week at a much higher level.

        U don't think it's going to $10? fine, then sell it at $8 for all i care, but do yourself a favor, and either cover your short (if you're short) or buy shares right now at this cheap price.

      • you are the a hole...I sold this morning in pre market at 6.79...after buying at 6 yesterday...bought again at 6 at the close...will make money again tomorrow...I have traded more in my life than you have probably idiot...