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  • frieza.dragonball frieza.dragonball May 25, 2012 9:19 PM Flag

    One last thing, there will be no "last horrah for GMX"

    Those that think there will be one last piece of good news that shoots the price up so they can sell are simply misguided. When GMX shot up back in late February based on their dog and pony slide show, it was like the last White Unicorn. I don't even think longs understand why that ever happen. Nonetheless, it sure as h e l l won't be happening again. You are witnessing the slow grind to $0. Evern few weeks GMX will start to drop in increments of $.07 to $.10 cents. By the end of the summer, GMX will be trading at $.40 cents. By the end of the year, GMX will be trading at $.15 cents, then it's lights out. So sad most on this board will still be holding when zero comes.

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