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  • walkiewiczllc walkiewiczllc Oct 12, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    Question for Wist

    Thank you for posting good info and scenarios. If I'm correct in one of your post you mention that if R/S happens the stock price will be around 6.00. (before r/s 0.60) Did I got this correct.Thanks

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    • It will be 6 bucks the first day ,then the Jackals surround it(shorts) and then 5 then 4 then 3, I think you get the picture. If management does not get this to a dollar by earning it, this is doomed R/S is a kiss of death.Are you listening MANAGEMENT! You need to run this as a public company it is no longer your family company , you work for the share holders....not yourselves.They want to attract investors so you have the same company that no one buys at 60 cents but you think the ole shell trick looking to see where the pea is will fool them. C'mon sell something else and pay some debt and first of all how about surrending a little pay because you have not earned it. I bought here at 5 bucks and you lose 90% of my investment and the reward is a R/S. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!THERE HAS GOT TO BE A CRIME SOME WHERE HERE.They have stated they have had enough money to continue with their drilling when in fact it looks more and more like a bankrupt,broken,out of ideas Mess.The really painful part is we can not even sell there is nothing left to get back, but what you leave me with is 1/10 the shares of a company that if its lucky will even be here in a year.Shame on me for trusting you GMXR. glta we need it.

    • pre split .60....after a 1 for 10 RS the price would be $6.00 is correct

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      • Maybe I put this question wrong way (most be my poor English) Wist what is your price target that Wall Street will be happy with to milk this cow more? I think 3-4 will be to little and 8-10 to hight. Could you give me your opinion thanks.

        I just want to make this point out management and specially Kenny Jr don't give a rat #$%$ about common share and shareholders, so they will use it as a $2.00 hooker but JMHO. If they don't sale more assets ASAP this is a chapter 11 waiting to happen. Mean wile I want to make some money that they have taken from me.