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  • jbasel314 jbasel314 Jan 18, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    to all longs on this board

    Go to Msg # 107654 invester village bry board
    A great snipit on this subject

    As stated earlier the sun may be entering a new period of much less solar out put called maunder minamum.

    This is something I have been watching for a long time.

    Not trying to be a alarmist. Or a pumper do your own d/d

    This is very very bullish in my opion for all energy stocks .
    More so than the upcoming polar vortas collapes we are seeeing right now.

    When this hits main stream news you know what happens.


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    • jbase,

      This is correct information and an area I follow closely. Folks should google "Maunder Minimum" and "little ice age" to see what happened the last time we had a prolonged decrease in sunspots.

      The Thames River froze. There was a reason that George Washington's winter at Valley Forge was so brutal. During the revolutionary war cannons were moved over frozen rivers that have not frozen like that in recent times. It is pretty funny that all the celebutards and idiot politicians are running around worrying about global warming when we may be headed for colder weather.

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      • Dont-panic
        If you go to national academies press they have a great white paper in pdf for free or hard copy for 30 ish still reading very enlightening /
        The better part of twenty years of research is now in and the picture is starting to come in.
        Like climate change the facts doesn't tell the story only the facts, the story can only be learned from a far. Ie you need severial different disciplines looking at different angles to get a composite picture.