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  • jondow69 Feb 16, 2013 9:44 AM Flag


    LOSING BIG BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, IN THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF, any one and i mean any one who came on this baord and said any thing neg. about GMXR stock got pounded into the ground, to the point you had a few mo-jo filters take this board over! so basiscally all you have here is a bunch of people who think one way! what ever, now that the volume is low except on high volume sell days, very few smart people will fool around with this junk! oh yeah, JMO, if this co' gets saved, a big $ guy comes in and guess what? common guy gets the shaft, like always! at this point its a inside game and they have all the answers and common guys get jack! psps, for the saps and suckers with big$ in this junk, have you actually ever tried to talk to a analyst about this junk stock? i did a while back, guy gave me the straight dope, guess what i wouldn't even trade this trash! fo guys stuck in this product what would i do? talk to a financial adviser that you trust! they're people out there, but rarely will you find them on a yahoo board! jmo and g/l psps look at quality not quantity!jmo

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    • Human posts were ridiculed, I was a "wall street type, posts were "garbage"...etc..etc.. I still posted and continue to post. Most everybody drank the kool aid. Any negative comments were considered heresy. I am in my 60s and have learned from youthful errors. Nothing is black and white, management is extremely important to a company, the company's historical track record speaks volumes (unless management changes), balance sheets and cash flow are critical, etc.. I outlined by numbers and data why GMXR was a sick puppy but like gold, tuplipmania and greed...most everyone wanted to believe that they had found a stock that would multiply many times. Joe puts up statospheric "whisper" numbers, Ed publishes well data and everyone sings Kumbaya. Nobody likes to be proven wrong, lose money or be proven foolish so the saga continues. Group think, avoidance of reality and weak number crunching. Ugly situation that will only be rectified by a very big surprise. My guess has been and still is re-org.

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      • jondow69 Feb 16, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

        hey 2000, when S&P D/G GMXR to impaired liquidity in 8/11 to me it wa over! you had some pops last feb, which only pulled in more saps and suckers, IMO the high NG in 07-08 was a fluke,IMO Kenny just happened to be in the right industry at the right time, and took way to long to accept low NG prices and by the time they figured it out, it was Over and out, i'd be ROFLMAO, except ral people are losing real $, sad! and these few pumpers just keep pumping! jmo sad very sad !jmo