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  • lawrence.ducharme lawrence.ducharme Mar 5, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    Darkest before the dawn..............

    With all the chatter about BK it makes me think the opposite. First who benefits from such talk, certainly someone playing the short side and perhaps a big player getting the share price down for a buy-in. Lets see the Heisler 11-2-1H is at a peak rate of 3,268 B.O.D. WITH A 66% w.i. AND THE lANGE 44-31-2 h IS IN AT 2,402 B.O.D with a 89% W.I. , The 2 Fairfields with 96% W.I. will come on line together soon and with that annoucement I believe will come a re-structuring plan that will be presented. If you take a moment all of this adds up to a spectacular event and would make for a very decent jump in share price, remember they are not in default yet and have 30 days which gives us time for the Fairfields to come on line. I just don't see how no one is talking about these accomplishments, however I do see why many are quick only to see disaster and doomsdayers, its human nature to be suspicious. I will continue to believe that management is working on a important resolve, they have come way to far just to give into a missed 2 million dollar default it does not make sense. P.S. MR. VAN HORN WILL AND DOES ANSWER BACK UNLIKE WHAT SOME POSTERS ARE SAYING. Do not believe everything here on this board there are way to many people looking out for themselves not you.This company still has a heartbeat and I still like the oppuritunity it can provide for share holders. Good Luck

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    • Just saying you could have made some money if you bought when I posted this...

    • Listen all of you. Bankruptcy is a real option. I have been in the POS for 4 years and it does nothing but go down! I have been in the Stock Market for 20 years, and I can tell you that GMXR has all the characteristics of being a loser. Don't compound your losses, by lying to yourselves. I really feel sorry for these message boards.

    • Peak initial flow rates have been high, but why have those wells fallen off so much more then competitors' wells? It seems the only GMXR well with any staying power has been the Lange-1, and recent wells with much higher initial flow rates have curves way below the Lange-1. This is the mystery. If it's somehow GMXR management incompetence, that is good, but if it's due to the geology of GMXR's acreage, then the assets won't be worth the amount of debt+preferred outstanding.

    • Another thought they still have cash, and are proving reserves with 5 other sights with a little W.I. BUT WHAT THEY GET IS A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE OF FUTURE ACREAGE.There is a plan here and if you think they go B.K. on one interest payment than you need to sell for me the story is just starting. Good luck

      I been calling every day for over 2 weeks. My last call was today at 11;29 AM Central Time.

      I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CALL BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS: I called Mr. Alan Van Horn while I posted and stated that a poster said you are calling people back. I (left message)asking why he isn't he calling me back.

      If he call back? What (question(s)) did he answered.