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  • lawrence.ducharme lawrence.ducharme Mar 5, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

    Consider latest non interest payment..........

    It is worth considering that the company is not in a de fault situation for 30 days. They just hired a financial advisor so this gives them a little time for that resource to suggest a new approach for their debt. So it makes sense to evaluate a couple weeks and then pay and meet their obligations. If you look at it from that prespective it really is a non event. There is so many successes starting to arise to be so negative with 2 new wells coming on line this month and a new permits and a restructuring plan there is many positives. Now in a month if we do not pay then a new look may be needed till then I am confident management has things in hand.Being able to adapt and reinvent has kept this company growing in a new oil play and its far from over. 2years of hard work and obstacles have not detered the companies vision of developing these acreages.