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  • smart_biddr smart_biddr Mar 15, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    Do not let the noteholders detract you from your common shares.

    The Debt $407M held by gmxr is for the oil rich assets the company purchased & has rights to drill and capture.
    We see time & time agian those noteholders comes on board to be there with GMXR to drill out the
    $9.4B real long term potential of GMXR's share of Bakken oil.
    Yet we see 2013 cap ex still requires additional funding...
    There is only one fact the common share holder can rely upon. GMXR Management & Employees.
    Drilling continues, permits continue & now are being modified for up to 7 fold production.
    this also consolidates local gathering & storage infrastructure of oil/ ng liquids & ng.
    Employees are enabling Gmxr to perform at much higher effeciency.
    thru the use of their safe work practices, enviromental respect & operations Excellence.
    Those on the board whom are noteholders care not of these things.
    Gmxr is a winner. With all that they have endured. they grow their business everytime the drillbit
    finds dirt. :)
    Common Strong ,Common Long.
    Enjoy your Investments-

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Another important thing you are not taking into consideration, is what happens if GMXR is not able to restore shareholder equity to the required $50 million dollar level and they are delisted by NYSE? If they are forced to relist on the OTCBB, you will see a rush of selling as mutual funds and other institutional investors will dump them if they are no longer listed on a reputable exchange and the price will plummet. It will become very hard to buy and sell when there is no volume because they are listed on the OTCBB.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Here's something you don't understand. The common shares may represent ownership of the company, but bonds, notes, and preferred shares represent a mortgage against the company and if GMXR goes bankrupt, then the holders of those debts will be handed the keys to the company and the current common holders will lose everything. Now is a really good time to double down on the preferred seeing as how it was hammered down in the last few weeks. In the event of a buyout, the preferred must be bought back at the $25 strike price and all missed interest payments must be made up. What will the common holders get if the company is bought out? Maybe they'll get shares in the new company, but they may also be forced to sell out at a loss if more than half the shares are voted in favor of the buyout and the new management does not want to offer shares in the new company. I would put a sell, but not a strong sell, on the common, and a strong buy on the preferred.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • GMXR does have some good assets, but you will look very foolish very shortly when the company goes on it's merry way and restructures it's balance sheet to better exploit them. Live and learn.

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      • I take it that you no longer have any shares of gmxr.
        Yet, you are still here for what meaningful purpose to we who still are vested in the common?
        The Investment is still in full play, The company has released no final news to the shareholders.
        I suppose somehow all of those of you whom say the end of times are here know more than the market?
        yet the share price does not seem to agree with your position. we are not at a penny yet.. are we?
        Many people call themselves investors, yet hop out like rabbits at the drop of share price or test of conviction of the Investment.
        The story is simple
        a company has huge potential $9.4B (not including niobrara)
        a company owes $407M
        the company is in a quiet period with advisor
        that is the story. it has many possible endings...
        you and many others have chosen your reality (sold)... we are happy for you....
        the real longs including myself we believe in the turnaround & it's success.
        the stock price justifies this for again it's not a penny.
        thanks for all posts, hope to see you back in when the company announces
        what it must do to keep the Investment on track to harvest that $9.4B in valuation.
        Foolish....really... peace to you...
        enjoy your investments-

        Sentiment: Strong Buy


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