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  • jake9268_99 jake9268_99 Nov 12, 2007 8:43 PM Flag

    more out the door

    Is it true that a couple more exec's got the boot? My sales rep said another shake up was in progress. Anybody know?

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    • Ilove reading your post. You know what you are talking about,and you tell it like it is. As for Openzipperman,he is obviously one of the new hire suck ups that replaced someone with experience.

    • zippermango,
      You've been drinking the Cardinal kool-aid as well. Your statement, "if you work hard and do your job, you'll do well, go far, and enjoy the rewards" is as far from true as it can be. If you are truly a "CAH in Dublin" you are well aware of the unrest and discontent felt by the majority of employees within the corporate office, or as it is being called now, the morgue...

      And if you are CAH in Dublin, you are also well aware of how many of the employees who have recently been hung out to dry did exactly as you suggest to be successful. They were undyingly loyal, worked for the good of the company for a just few years to as many as 40 years. Many were unceremoniously kicked to the curb just shy of being able to collect those rewards as in retirement with no thank you for a job well done, just considered collateral damage for the good of the company bottom line.

      So before you embarrass yourself anymore by accusing those of us speaking out of spewing garbage, I suggest you prepare yourself for your trip to the curb because no one is immune.

    • I'm reading these messages, and I'm not convinced at all that many of you know much about the inner workings of CAH. As with any large company, they have their issues, but if you work hard and do your job, you'll do well, go far, and enjoy the rewards. Some of the concerns posted out here are simply speculation. I know, as I'm a CAH IN DUBLIN. For those of you just looking to spew the garbage, you should either grow up or log off your parent's computer and go play with your Lincoln Logs. Good night to all.

    • when the DEA gets done with Cardinal who knows who will buy the company and they have a multi billion chain contract coming up...that I don't think will renewed, My money is on McKesson

    • How many jets do Cardinal's competitors have? And re: the hard-working execs...How hard is it to fly around the country on the comfy company jet firing people?

    • Dear dream_hog,
      You have so hit the nail on the head, except for giving the "new" Cardinal much more credit than it deserves.

    • Okay, a little bit of insight and venting from a current employee (for 3 more weeks) who is part of the McGaw Park transition (over 700 employees). I am not disgruntled if my comments seem as such, I'm fortunate to have landed a better job, closer to home, and not having to move to Dublin.

      Comments earlier about the 7200 years of experience: Although we've had to document extensivley our job tasks and such, you can't teach someone about all the fine details about the large amount of items we deliver to customers, or contacts and processes to help deliver quality and maintaining customer relationships. I just heard about some of our vendor relationship folks starting to use Walmart tactics to get lower costs and vendors telling them to go pound sand. Then going with some cheaper products from overseas that doesn't even have the quality standards that should be met.

      I was "fortunate" enough to go to Dublin to conduct training for replacments and it was scary, some of the replacements don't even have rudimentary computer skills and in some cases, I think they just hired someone to fill a chair. Yet, they have nice cocky attitudes and talk a good game, which should take them very far!

      Even though Cardinal offered all of the 700+ McGaw employees the opportunity to move, the amount of people moving was around 6% or lower. Funny, another rumor has it that Kerry never even relocated to Dublin from Cincinatti, probably using one of the new corporate jets to commute every day!

      I do believe Cardinal will go through a lot of growing pains the next few years. What the new stragegy is, I'm not even sure what it is at times, it seems to change daily it seems. I also have a feeling that there will be more trimming of the Cardinal "fat", perhaps selling off the manufacturing divisions and focusing purely on distribution. Again, just my opinion, but it makes sense. McGaw Park has manufacturing operations here and if the park is for sale, where is it going to go, unless it all gets outsourced overseas???

      I'll have to say, Cardinal (well, really Baxter and Allegiance) has been very good to me for close to 19 years and I hope they do right the ship. I'll have to say that the culture of the company has definetly changed with the addition of Kerry and we'll find out in time if this change is for the better or the worse. Some of the major changes such as outsourcing IT and the customer service fiasco are still reverberating throughout the company and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. When a Fortune 50 company can't even handle some of the simple stuff, then what will happen with more complicated issues?

      Okay, I've said enough, again, just my humble opinion...

    • My thoughts exactly,you just beat me to it.

    • OK Kerry, time to get back to work. ;)

    • Susan, I response to your previous question we have 3 Large Jets. and yes we need them because our upper management are highly compensated and hard working exec's that deserve the best. What would you expect, they fly around on a time share or charter? These aircraft are 25 million each.

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