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  • cardwatchdog cardwatchdog Jan 21, 2009 4:13 PM Flag

    Exec Abuse

    With the stock price at half what it was, maybe we should take a clue from a company that is better run than our, LIKE GM or FORD. Why we need 3 $30 million jets and a company choper is beyond my understanding, when a fist class airfare anywhere in the country is less than $2000. If we could sell these monsters and maybe even get smaller jets that are cheaper and more efficent, it would save money and we could share in some of what the crooks at the top have.

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    • Oh stop your whining. Hill-rom has 3 cessna citations at the sales force discretion. The fastest private jet in the world. They are in the air everyday of the week for sales purposes. Stop whining, you know nothing about what you speak!

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      • These crooks have three $30 million, stand up cabin large jets when Hill Rom does the job with three $2 million jets. These are NOT used for carrying nuclear medicine to patients. They are only for the use of Kerry Clark, Carole Watkins, Dave Schlotterbeck and their cohorts.

        Why do they need $90 million in Jets when the same job can be done for 3% of that expense? Word has it in the flight department, they are going to "hide one" on the west coast. San Diego. If they would only trade these for the cheaper jets till we start making a profit again, I would not be so upset. Where is Obama when you need him to fire someone?

        One more thing. If they are not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide, why is it that our planes are blocked from which tracts every commercial and private plane in the country?

    • The aircraft deliver nuclear medicine to patients. It is critical they get the medicine to the patient to be used before the 3 hour life of the med has passed, mostly in remote areas.

    • I am a retired CAH employee and significant shareholder. Unless CAH bought one this year, CAH does not have a chopper. The planes Cardinal does have carry both exec’s and non-exec’s far more efficiently and effectively than commercial air.

      As a shareholder interested in seeing CAH make investments and beat the competition I would rather their key folks spend time making deals than sitting in DFW, ORD or SFO waiting for a plane.

      If you are really a CAH employee, I would ask that you focus improvements in your job rather than complaining about how you imagine others do theirs.

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      • Holy cow. That neatly expesses the "I've got mine" old boys code. "Back to your oar wretch"

      • I am a longterm Cardinal employee. Does K. Clark own the chopper he takes from Cincy to Dublin HIS chopper? Or Cardinal's???

      • John Chamber of CISCO flies coach. How come the company make more deals and deals that actually work (synergy..the overused word)?

        The problem with CAH is K. Clark wants to change things but there are no buy-ins from all top, middle managements and employees. How many times have restructuring being done? They are so busy restructuring that the actual work is not being done. Whenever a company mentions this and does not rollout the plan seamlessly, this creates an unknown. Employees hate this. The uncertainty kills. Latest is the spin off. I heard that there is so much biskering between the CAH and the new is not even funny. Isn't this supposedly create values to share holders? The stock today is about $29.....

        One of the big things were innovation. What have they innovated? I remembered the days when this was the next hottest thing. Money was being spent but the actual result is never measured let alone obtain. Too risk adverse.

        So what is the hottest and latest thing that every division is implementing (let me guess...restructuring).

        If you want to create a product pipeline. Find the data, research and build criteria. How are you measuring your results? What are your goals? How is this being measure? and etc and etc. Lastly but most important, pull the damn trigger already when you have sliced and diced the data. There is going to be risk no matter what you do, any project that you execute is going to get better from one to the next. If you only have one in 5 years, guess what you have a problem with your pipeline. All those process innovation directors ain't going to help a bit if they can't pull triggers. Process on book looks great, execution is another, there is course correction as the project moves along. If you only do one in 5 years, your process is not going to improve.

        From the outside looking in.

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