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  • rudfox rudfox Mar 20, 2014 3:01 PM Flag

    Entering CEQP K-1 into TT for old NRGY holders

    Old holders of NRGY will enter info for 4 K-1s into TurboTax (TT) from the 4-in-1 Crestwood K-1:
    1. CEQP: Crestwood Equity Partners, LP FEIN: 43-1918951 (topic)
    2. NRGM: Inergy Midstream, LP FEIN: 20-1647837
    3. CMLP: Crestwood Midstream Partners FEIN: 56-2639586
    4. SPH: Suburban Propane Partners, LP FEIN: 22-3410353

    This post is to discuss and inquire about just
    CEQP (NRGY): Crestwood *Equity* Partners, LP 43-1918951. This is the old INERGY 43-1918951. The starting point in TT would be to modify the INERGY K-1 that TurboTax started for you with based on your 2012 taxes.

    The K-1 Part I and II (including capital account) would go onto this TT K-1.

    At the bottom of "SUPPLEMENTAL K-1 SCHEDULE FOR TAX YEAR 2013 it says
    "Transfer of a portion of your capital account of Crestwood Equity
    Partners, LP CEQP 43-1918951 (formerly known as Inergy, LP) to
    Crestwood Midstream Partners, LP (formerly known as Inergy Midstream
    , LP) $nnn [where $nnn represents an amount]

    I also see that box 19 C has $nnn so I am suspecting that has been taken into account and already reduced the Crestwood Midstream capital account by that amount. Yes? If not, where would be a good place to enter the reduced equity into TT?

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