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  • serieswins26 serieswins26 Apr 11, 2007 2:29 PM Flag

    Have we hit bottom yet?

    I would be shocked if you thought otherwise because everything from you is always negative. We can all spot a "shorter" when we see one. Researched the Moody's downgrades you mentioned and found that all the banks were foreign. You lose the bet!! See excerpt below.

    No U.S.-based banks were among the financial institutions that were downgraded. Moody's left intact upgrades to U.S. banks like Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Washington Mutual Inc.

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    • I dont know if ISBC will be going higher or lower in the future. Most of the thrifts have taken a beating recently and nobody knows when it will be over.

      You are right. Most of the downgrades were foreign banks.
      I would be very happy if one of the banks was ISBC because we would most likely not be a thrift especially one that hasn't had a second step.

      Our friend is either shorting the stock or a disgruntled customer of the bank.
      Let him write all he wants if it makes him feel good.

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      • To understand what is happening with this stock, you must watch the trading volumn per trade. Buy 100 buy 100 sell 200 buy 100 sell 100 buy 100 buy 100 buy 100 sell 200 buy 100 buy 100 sell 100: this goes on every day starting with the buy back. This is the market support. Thus it is the bottom you consider real. The gun-slinger trades 3 times per minute, except when bladder and/or intestines impulse urgency ...
        Your individual investor's 500 share or 2000 share trade will appear at a frequency of 5/hr.
        This stock is levitating. I might short a ten million rubles for a currency hedge.

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