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  • serieswins26 serieswins26 Jul 21, 2008 3:31 PM Flag


    ISBC should be reporting earnings soon. Does anyone know the earnings release date?
    Hope to see a continuation of increased earnings during this quarter. Looking for another 5 cents per share and hoping for 6 cents.

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    • ISBC to get new bank examiner; good at math and will not be bribed.

      Please post a financial comparison; I have several others printed out and their books are from WSJ. ISBC is a different format; "cooked books".

    • Investors is similar to IndyMac and Columbia (of Kansas) both of which went bankrupt. I was in Chicago staying at the Cedar when Continential paid out too much and when into bankruptcy; I happened to be under it...out front and all knew I could not capitalize help. The big holders did not loose any nuts while the taxpayers daughters got screwed without lube!!!

      It will be cheaper to buy ISBC while bankrupt.

    • All the loans from 2005 to 2007 are in a group that foreclosure rates are 5% to 40%. This includes the packages bought on the open market from approved institutions(brother-in-laws's). If mortgages are worth 20% less minimum, then the book value would be lower possibly closer to 1/3 of price. What would the capital ratio be for collaterialization?

    • Problem is the Loans Recievable Net are at face value while real property is beginning to be worth less. The shorts keep ramming the vault door as management tries to sell shares; at these high prices, PE = 110, somebody will violate the "hold until you die" corporate mandate and sell(sell defined as dumping the holding tank).

      I am planning on setting this market maker on fire and then cover with dirt; 119

    • Let's look more closely at the numbers. Prior year-end profit was $22.3M compared to this years $16M but both years included some extraordinary items. Last year they included a $9.9m tax benefit (reversed a deferred tax accrual) and a pre-tax loss of $3.7M from balance sheet restructuring. That made income from operations $16.1M ($22.3-9.9M+3.7M). This years numbers included a one time write-off of $651K on a mutual fund they inherited from Summit Federal upon the merger. That makes this years profit from operation $16.6M which is an increase over the prior year not a decrease. Net interest margin increased to a very respectable 2.09% which would indicate continued profits in the coming quarters. Combine that with an efficiency ratio down to 63% and things look promising for the future. Most recent quarter showed a profit of $5.5M which is a big improvement over prior quarters. Stock price has increased nicely since the earnings report. Go ISBC!!

    • Annual earnings down 25%
      That includes several problems that have not been fully appraised,
      Profit derived from the low cost Fed money.
      Seven million share buy-back supported the $7.50 book value of each share.
      Future trend (corporate guidance) is lower profits.

      reported by BRENNZN

    • RE: late earnings which were due Thurs and now Mon.

      "What, me worry?" motto of MADD Magazine.


    • Earning "hold-up" or rather delay of announcement which is behind schedule, is result of situations encountered when personally notifying the major owners.

      "who's the next in line for a heartache?"

      I am a worm in the eagle's eye; reporter BRENNZN

    • It must be .40 last quarter because good bank investment would have a PE of about 10.

      Now basher, if the earning were .04 last quarter, then ISBC would have a PE of 100 and an independant analyst would rate ISBC as a SELL.

      Who is CRAZY; corporate or investors buying a 100PE stock?

      Please help me induct an answer.

      new to capitalism


    • Earnings ? $.40 last quarter ? Some how I doubt it !

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