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  • serieswins26 serieswins26 Feb 6, 2009 5:53 PM Flag


    I think there's been an over reaction to this writeoff. I researched this issue and this is a mark to market writeoff. Here's my's like buying a rental property for $1 million and all the tenants continue to pay their rent. But the property valus has fallen to $250,000 because no one wants to buy rental properties. The accounting rules force you to mark the property down to $250,000 or record a loss of $750,000. You really haven't lost anything and the tentants are continuing to pay their rent. We all buy stock and if you in a loss position at the ned of the year you really haven't lost anything until you sell the stock but these rules would force you to recognize the loss even though you didn't sell. Seems kind of crazy but that's the rules as I understand them. Despite this writeoff IBSC still has excess capital...about double of what's required. Maybe it's time to buy more shares!! Any comments on this?

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    • A good analogy but the write offs do become a problem if it threatens the capitalization, like Citi or Bank of America.Fortunately ISBC still has a great deal of capital and also can raise a great deal of capital by fully converting.One thing I have not been able to find out is, will all future payments from the CDO, interest and principal, count has earnings because the CDO has been written off.

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