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  • edi_kh2000 edi_kh2000 Nov 19, 2012 4:42 PM Flag

    Banks Provided $22 Billion in Mortgage Relief: Report

    You Welcome Bing...I"m expecting every quarters to see more drop in dq inventory. The way the big 5 banks are spending the money, to me like they are cleaning their house first from dq borrowers which that help MI to pay less for claims.

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    • How are you guys. Nice to see you both. I'm busy looking for a cheap airfare going to the Philippines. We have a group of Nurses and Doctors doing a medical mission in the Philippines in Jan 2013. Me and my wife volunteer since my wife is a nurse. I see both MTG and RDN are flying today. I hope it will continue to move up and get some cash for expenses.

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      • Very impress about you doing some voluntary in hospital. We always appreciate people who work as a volunteer in hospital . They are good people with a good hearth. I was kidding about relation between pharmacy and nurses. RN's have a big responsibility to take care of the PT and give the right medication on time and take the orders from DR. And we as a pharmacy like to process that order soon as we get the order until deliver to nurses.

        God bless all voluntary people

      • Hey Bernie...good to see you back here again. Wow...your wife is a Nurse?...if she works in a hospital, probably she hates pharmacy people because they always wants the medication right a she mush making good money like you. You should find a good price for your ticket in fall season. You sold you RDN a few hours earlier but it could go down more.

      • cash out some tmr if you need cash for Jan

        if market rallies again tmr, and housing also rallies on top of that with the rest of the housing data, then don't get greedy and cash out a bit to use for (1) your trip (2) the next pullback on fiscal, euro, etc drama

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    • agreed Edi, MTG had a great day today. hope more and more people will realize that MTG will survive and be profitable in future, and we longs can make a decent money. good luck to you, Bernie and all longs, have a good night. I need to work now.

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