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  • ragingbullap ragingbullap Apr 1, 2005 2:36 PM Flag


    All longs know better than to be flustered by all this market manipulation today

    The asking size is falling as it is already and very well are close to $.09 x $.10.

    We will be back at $.11 and again it's just a matter of getting over that $.12 hump. Once we do we can expect to make a good sum of money... might take a while... but since when was making money so easy.

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    • CLP Resources is using the Drugometer to test an average of 800 workers a year at each of 44 locations= 35,200 tests annually.

    • You are full of shit Baja.

      Is this your DD of ClP:

      Naw, still trying to work.
      Do the math here. @ 24.95 per unit how many units till break even.
      More math, we know CLP uses our product to test all of their new hires. Maybe our largest but only one of a number of clients.
      Remember J&J? A little GE made up of aquired companies with their own niches in medical related fields and a customer of ours.
      Ever buy Work Comp Insurance? Know the only way to reduce premiums?

      You just unseated Raging and Tenadi

    • Sounds familar. You have a point or a problem with it shit for brains?

    • CLP was founded in 1987 in Emeryville, California, and has developed and maintained an experience driven reputation for connecting our clients with the highest quality skilled employees in their respective fields.

      CLP maintains almost fifty local offices throughout the nation, making it one of the largest suppliers of skilled tradespeople and construction labor in the United States.

      We guarantee that you will find CLP to be a solid, dependable solution to all of your construction and facilities personnel needs, as we maintain a comprehensive database of highly skilled, pre-screened professionals.

      Our customer base is comprised of over 4000 construction and facilities companies, all of whom rely on CLP's reputation for consistent, quality service. CLP's aggressive safety incentive program results in an impressive company-wide experience modification rate ? so it's easy to see why approximately one-third of our new clients are referred by other CLP clients. Apply now to reap the benefits of our services.

    • This is how you do your DD?


      No wonder you own AVR.

    • Flock, just WTF is your problem?

    • My problem is with the clowns who post figures they pull out of their ass like this:
      "CLP Resources is using the Drugometer to test an average of 800 workers a year at each of 44 locations= 35,200 tests annually."

      Then you back him up? You came up with them too you say... how? That post your DD?

      I'm trying to learn from these message boards too so I ask to learn. Some of the know it alls here are too proud to ask. Have you seen me jump on anyone who ask any ??? NO.
      I challenge the know it alls to share or expose.

      Some boards post info faster than newswires and saved lots from losses.

      Say anything, damoon I don't give a flock, but when you start posting exact numbers, you best have link to back it up.

    • Flock, if you weren't such a lazy prick you could have figured out the CLP numbers months ago.
      No ones here to give you a short cut.

    • Baja, your replys indicate you are here to socialize and play, not to exchange info.

      So play social butterfly here and I won't rain on your parade.

    • Why thank you so much.

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