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  • rdkflorida2 rdkflorida2 Aug 17, 2012 9:09 AM Flag

    Testing 1422

    More UP today and then a pullback??

    "IMHO, 1422 SnP needs to be tested
    We could see a nice rally soon. After that, flip a coin! Nimble traders should be doing well during this churning. GLTA. RDK" Posted back in July.

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    • Shark, if you do not mind, would you post what you think of his indicators. He calls his site a test site so it sounds like he is willing to make adjustments as needed. TIA for your thoughts. RDK.

    • <<IMHO, 1422 SnP needs to be tested>>

      needs to be tested??

      That's like me saying 1266 needs to be tested...

      what would either statement be based upon???

      Tech, Fundamentals, BB, FED, Merkel, Draghi,

      Just to see if it's possible.

      I don't understand why it needs to be tested. To see if it was real the first time it was hit??

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      • I've said all this before. I get about a dozen e-newsletters and go to at least another dozen web sites for information. My takeaway from this is that the Bears vs. Bulls is about 60-70% bears to about 30-40% Bulls. That is why I come to this board to get the Bears point of view. Which by the way seems to have been wrong more often than not. Remember pre October 2011? So I preface with IMHO, which is developed from researching all of the above. So tops get tested and bottoms get tested. Higher HIGHS and HIGHER lows seems to be what is going on. The test to the low side now looks to be around 1360 or so. GLTU and all the bears. I continue watching both camps very carefully. RDK.

    • your trophy is in the mail homie.. but if we don't hit 1422 today I am putting a stop on the shipment!

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