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  • mtlelectronics mtlelectronics Aug 21, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    Thank you Warren

    Thanks to Warren Buffet bailing on U.S. debt issues, the markets will start to tank.
    If a brilliant guy like Buffet is losing confidence in supposedly safer U.S.(than European) debt then things are not good.
    Maybe Soros & Paulson got wind of what Buffet was thinking and that is why they have loaded
    up on gold.
    BTW I'm still long SPXU and so far I'm taking a beating.

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    • I think Buffet & Munger's covering and closing out his CDS exposer, to Lehamn Brothers, to Muni Market might be an indication that they foresee interest rates going up sooner than later! They closed out 8 billion in CDS contracts they sold to Lehman Bros. in 2007. They still have 8 billion in cds contract exposure, to over 100 different State and Municipal bonds held, that they cannot close out. Sounds like Warren and Charlie are expecting a big interest rate hike coming from the FOMC in the near future?

      As for Soros:

      "George Soros may have picked the top. His liquidation of gold in the $1560 an ounce range."

      Source: Forbes May 12th, 2012

      It seems George Soros cashed, completely, out of his gold position, at $1560/oz, in May of 2012.Now he changed his mind and is buying back in the mid $1600s? Sell low, buy high?

      There must be something they are not telling us! Perhaps.

      Just a thought.

    • SPXU usually doesn't move huge % in one day like FAZ TZA. But in a few days can be big.

      Futures shows S&P only 1407 now, a lot lower than high today. Market is overbought so it needs to retrace.

    • It has a certain ominous twinge to it, I'll give ya that.

      Well, thank goodness he's not in in bed with a soon to be rejected King or anything. Nah...nothing to see here...move along.

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