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  • brooklake brooklake May 6, 2003 8:42 PM Flag

    DemoCraps grasping at straws...

    Motherfucking losers know they finished in "04. Is this ithe best these fucks could come up with?

    "Some Democrats have criticized the landing as an elaborate and expensive photo opportunity for a president up for re-election next year. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-California, sent a letter Tuesday to the General Accounting Office -- the investigative arm of Congress -- asking for a "a full accounting of the costs associated with the president's trip." Fleischer said he had no estimate on the cost of the carrier event.

    The White House has described the speech as an appropriate acknowledgment of a "milestone" in the war against terrorism and also as a way of thanking the men and women in the armed services who participated in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

    Byrd's speech was the most pointed and stinging commentary about the matter from a lawmaker.

    "As I watched the president's fighter jet swoop down onto the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, I could not help but contrast the reported simple dignity of President Lincoln at Gettysburg with the flamboyant showmanship of President Bush aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln," Byrd said.

    Byrd, who has been a persistent and vocal critic of Bush's policies toward Iraq, said a "salute" to America's warriors was appropriate, but he added, "I do question the motives of a desk-bound president who assumes the garb of a warrior for the purposes of a speech."

    Byrd opposed a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq.

    Scott McClellan, a White House spokesman, told CNN the president was "honored" to visit the carrier as commander in chief and "personally thank our men and women in the military for a job well done."

    Asked about Byrd's specific criticism of Bush's unusual arrival on the carrier, McClellan referred back to his comment about the president wanting to thank the armed forces in person.

    "I think I've addressed that," McClellan said."

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    • You are unintentionally amusing.

    • ##################
      Re: Brookloser grasping at straws...
      by: bcbcbc333 05/06/03 09:58 pm
      Msg: 282389 of 282394

      Actually, true Republicans temper conscience, and caring, with a sense of the real world and a recognition for the need for personal responsibility and self-reliance, with true equality of access and opportunity.

      Leftists have little real sense of people or society. I've said before that leftists tend not to be deep thinkers, they are romantics and emotionalists--this is why they are so ill-suited to the executive suite, in government or business. This is why leftists can be violent, destructive PETA activists in leather shoes. They are a source of endless amusement to me.

      <<I've said before that leftists tend not to be deep thinkers>>

      More attacks on Einstein???

      Question for rodents: How many living self-made billionaires can you name who are conservatives?

      (and don't bother giving me the name of someone who became a self-made trillionaire by washing dishes)

    • The Dem's slate of munchkins is truly a Republican's dream:

      Kerry - too liberal, dour, boring
      Gephardt - too leftist, yesterdays man
      Lieberman - good senator, good man, no leader
      Edwards - sickly sweet act gets old real quick
      Graham - ok but no real profile
      Dean - get serious
      Sharpie - see Dean
      Moseley-Braun - when did she get out of jail?
      others - who cares?

      All Bush needs to do is follow through with his programme, avoid sitting on his lead and going into a "prevent defense" (which Rove WON'T do) and he's in EASILY for a second and deserved term.


    • This is the administration that started a war and refused to give an estimated cost but two week after the war started they gave a cost estimate. This administration has no credibility; they have gotten caught in a new lie ever other day. This administration has shattered our relationship with our allies.

      • 2 Replies to gamblingmanone
      • "This is the administration that started a war and refused to give an estimated cost but two week after the war started they gave a cost estimate. This administration has no credibility; they have gotten caught in a new lie ever other day. This administration has shattered our relationship with our allies."

        You're correct in stating that the Bush Regime has lied to the US citizenry. Despite claims of 'proof' from the Bush regime, there is no evidence Hussein posed a threat to global security or had ties with al Qaeda. However, the rightwing fucknuts that dominate this board are too buzy handjobbing themselves to realize they've been fed a pack of lies...indeed, they are perfectly happy just to call themselves "patriots." Despite being fed lies, they believe that crushing a third-world military makes them "proud americans."

        Hey, Bush supporters: if your posterboy is so focused on eradicating terrorism, what happened to the 9/11 investigation? Why does your prezident continue to support Saudi Arabia and Israel?

        Since the Bush prezidency is so occupied with eradicating terrorism, don't you find it sort of strange that they've taken every measure to destroy inquiry into 9/11, which supposedly is the reason why we're so focused on eradicating terrorism?

        No. Of course you don't. Because if GWB anally raped your mother/wife/sister/dog, you'd support him. Because even though you've been lied to, cheated, and raped, you hold onto the security blanket of raped conservative ideology because -let's face it- you're too fucking dumb, complacent, and ignorant to reallize you support the new Fascism.

      • This is the administration that has terrorist running for cover. There have been NO terrorist attacks b/c og GW. Admit it. Freak. You should be thankful you fucken leech coward. Now I know why I don't like liberal know it alls like you. You can never give credit when it's due unless it's for a liberal asshole.

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