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  • evil_gop_bastards evil_gop_bastards Jun 2, 2005 5:25 PM Flag


    The word alone sends chills down the spine of every Republican ever hatched. In conjures up horrible memories of a free press, of a time when cravenly corrupt presidents were held accountable for their actions, of burglaries and secret recordings and abuse of power, of criminal scum skulking down dimly lit White House corridors.

    The Republican reaction to Felt's little coming out party resembles nothing so much as a grownup forced to confront repressed childhood memories of being gang-raped by sweaty priests, crying and shaking with rage, shame and guilt on some therapist's couch.

    Republicans are the party of vengeance as pathology. More than anything else, avenging WATERGATE is what motivated their bizarre attacks on Clinton and their largely successful attempts to stifle free speech. Every vicious, underhanded political hackjob they've done (and oh yes, there are so many, so very many) since then bears, at some level, the WATERGATE watermark.

    Bush has done everything in his power to make sure there are no "Deep Throats" in his administration. Porter Goss's shake-up over at the CIA is certainly an indication that the President wants to plug up any leaks that might come down the pike from there. He'll probably review the Watergate story more thoroughly to make sure he hasn't left himself with any more loose ends to tie up.

    I agree with the late Dr Thompson: Bush is a far, far worse creature than Nixon.

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